An insightful guide on thriving in the SEO-driven world

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An insightful guide on thriving in the SEO-driven world

Part and parcel of becoming a competent and successful Digital Marketing Agency are overcoming different challenges and learning from mistakes. The SEO world is constantly evolving: updates in algorithms and search trends can change overnight and keep up with them is the bread and butter of every digital marketer.

In the article below, we’ll share some strategic insights on staying ahead of your SEO competitors.

Keep track of changes

A common occurrence and a gripe of many marketers in the SEO world is when a client decides to make updates or changes without informing their digital marketing consultant. As a result, pages disappear or are displaced, important content that attracts traffic are changed, and worse, not noticing it until weeks later when there’s no more organic traffic and rankings have dropped.

It’s true that even with when we’ve established the best communication systems with clients, situations like the aforementioned will happen. But there are ways to prepare for it, such as:

  • Setting up alerts – You can employ SEO monitoring tools like SEORadar or VisualPing to notify you if changes are made to a website. Any changes made in both page or code will alert you and you will be able to identify where the change occurred.
  • Keep a changelog – A changelog allows you to find existing recommendations and approved content in case a page is accidentally removed. Having the information on hand allows you to revert the tagging or content effectively.

Have relevant knowledge 

The value of SEO in digital marketing is undoubtedly important. Aside from improving a website’s overall visibility and searchability, SEO also allows you to keep up with the ever-changing environment of the internet including marketing strategies that are used by your business competitors.

Therefore, it’s essential to always have the most relevant SEO knowledge on hand to keep up with the competition. As SEO takes a certain period of time after implementation for a noticeable impact to be seen, there are bound to be updated in algorithms and practices. So, a well-rounded and successful Singapore digital marketing campaign must include the latest SEO marketing strategies to ensure the ‘optimisation’ is Search Engine Optimisation is fulfilled well.

Understand the audience

As digital marketers, we often have a template of jargon that has become a part of our formal speech in presentations, meetings, and discussions with clients. While it might be pertinent to relay a specific kind of information, sometimes we need to refine the way we come across to different clients based on their familiarity and expertise with SEO. Understanding that the different audiences we speak to might have different concerns and identifying those specific concerns is a fundamental part of establishing an effective communication of desires between the digital marketer and client.

A helpful tip to keep in mind is to ask them questions not only related to SEO but also get backgrounds of the people you work with. Some questions you may ask include:

  • What is their role in the company?
  • What are their specific goals in utilising SEO?
  • Do they have previous experience with working in SEO or with other SEO teams previously?

These simple but often overlooked questions can provide a deeper understanding of the client’s wishes, and help you define a direction for your marketing campaign.