“I managed to get my website ranked to page 1 number 2 within a month!” – Yew Chai


Yew Chai, an online marketer for a property management company was given a task – get more visibility online. He notices that his company website is not getting any leads online as it was not found in Google, Yahoo or Bing. He did a lot of research online and found Impossible Marketing and decided to join […]

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Jason’s website have several keywords on the 1st page of Google search!

Photo of Jason taking testimonial

Jason, a local business owner, wants to increase his online sales. He explored different options and find search engine optimization most suitable as he wants free and sustainable leads for his business. He googled for “SEO Singapore” and found Impossible Marketing‘s website ranking number 1 in Google organic search results. Feeling inspired, he decided to […]

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May 2016 hands-on SEO training course graduate students

May 2016 SEO training class

Once again thank you for supporting our SEO training course. Our latest batch of graduate students. They are ready to dominate Google with their newly acquired SEO skills. Let’s hear what they say after our SEO training: “I just attended the 2 days course. The course is very good. There are a lot of misconception […]

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Kyden’s website is now found on the 1st page of Google search

Kyden's website is now found on the 1st page of Google search

Kyden, a property agent, attended our SEO training earlier this year. He needs more leads for his property business. Kyden has never built a website before. After applying what was taught in the class, his website went live and from nowhere to be found, now his property website is on the 1st page of Google SEO […]

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Mohan’s website is now on page 1 number 1 of Google search results

Photo of Mohan while taking testimonial

Mohan, a WeChat marketing manager, attended our SEO training during the end of March 2016. Her website was then sitting on page 7-8 of Google search with minimum traffic. After applying the SEO strategy that was taught in the class, her website is now on page 1 number 1 of Google search results. She is […]

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3 critical tips on writing great blog content for your readers

3 critical tips on writing great blog content for your readers

Essentially, content is the backbone of a great online marketing onslaught. Technically, content marketers are at war with each other, search engines and tricks are haphazard to your entire marketing strategy. What are the ingredients necessary for writing great content? First, it is good to mention that the biggest mistake you can make is decorating your […]

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Internet Marketing (SEO) course review by JunWei


JunWei attended our Internet Marketing (SEO) few months ago. He wasn’t the most hardworking student. However, he understood what was taught in class and took action to apply the strategy. And now, his website is ranked #1 in Google search for a few keywords. “I have no knowledge about WordPress and he (alan) teach from […]

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Kelvin have a few keywords that is ranked on the 1st page of Google search.

Photo of Kelvin taking testimonial

Kelvin built a website for a friend in January. After applying what was taught in our SEO training, his website is now ranked on the 1st page of Google search for a few keywords. Let’s take a look at his video testimonial: “I created my new website in January. It was on page 12. Right […]

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Tony’s sales increased by 10-20% after ranking 1st page of Google search


Tony attended our SEO training about 1.5 to 2 months ago.After applying what was taught in class, his website has climbed to the middle of page 1 of Google organic SEO search. This resulted in a sales increase of 10%-20%. See below for his testimonial: “I attended Alan’s course about 1.5 – 2 months ago. […]

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Impossible Marketing is honored to be sharing the same stage with Google and Twitter

Alan with Balazs and Emily

Impossible Marketing is very honored to present alongside with the very best in South East Asia, Balazs Molnar (Head of Google Search Marketing, Southeast Asia) and Emily Huo (Head of Twitter Small-Medium Business Sales, Southeast Asia). Our principal trainer, Alan Koh, presented on the topic of Search Engine Optimization. Balazs Molnar from Google talked about […]

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