Drive Business Impact With Superb Content Via Social Media

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Drive Business Impact With Superb Content Via Social Media

Successful marketing strategies have all one thing in common: the utilisation of social media as a means to deliver high-quality content and engagement between corporations and their consumers. To understand how to best employ social media in your content creation, here are four tips you may want to consider.

Get Your Target Audience Right

As with any branding and marketing strategies, you will first need to establish your target audience. Social media strategies are no exception. In fact, social media is one of the most powerful tools to figure out your consumers, their preferences and the other content they are constantly consuming and sharing.

There are several other insights you can gather from just the data collected via your social media accounts. The information gathered holds a crucial role in your decision-making process. For instance, you can figure out the ideal time to post your content by knowing when the bulk of your consumers are active online. Thus, you’d be optimising your reach and engagement.

The Importance Of Social Listening

We’ve touched how social media can obtain data that can inform your decision making and improve your overall marketing. Whilst the gathering and monitoring of this information are crucial, it’ll be nought if you didn’t engage in social listening.

Social listening constitutes analysing and draw insights by monitoring keywords and combinations, whether it be from social media or the web. This means you will need to secure your SEO and SEM practices. Social listening will give you insight on the type of content that your audience needs or wants, lest they don’t propel any impact.

It is, admittedly, easier said than done but it isn’t impossible. Social listening will help you narrow the information you need to curate your content better.

Content Curation Is Key

There’s the tendency to promote your brand to an excessive degree and putting out a single perspective that benefits you. However, this may not only bore your audience, but it might also put them off and discourage them from engaging with your company.

This is where quality content curation comes in. It doesn’t just help deliver fresh perspectives and value to your consumers, but it also provides an incentive for industry experts to engage with your brand. For instance, you can bring forward statistics or case studies for a particular industry and this will give a potential avenue to form valuable relationships with other players in the industry. Fresh content will also increase your reach to your existing and potential audience.

Ensure Accessibility in Your Content

Undoubtedly, it’s easy for readers to be overwhelmed with the overflowing information that floats on the Internet. To cope with the excessive information, naturally, the brain will decide the important information to keep and will otherwise, shut down to prevent overload. This results in reactive filtering and, in most cases, short attention span.

As digital marketers, this isn’t great news. This translates to an increased possibility of losing your audience. To prevent that, you not only need to curate content that is interesting and compelling, but you need to also help your audience easily digest your content. You can do this in two ways: either you make your content short and sweet (going through the basics and perhaps redirecting them to one that is more fleshed out) or break the content into shareable assets.

Lastly, by using different approaches to push your content is beneficial as you’re providing several avenues in which your audience can consume your content according to their behaviours and preferences.


It is worth to note that to utilise social media to push your content, you will need to ensure that your content marketing and social media marketing teams are on the same page. Having a cohesive team will ensure a smooth inner working, which will also translate to expanded reach and increase in engagement, amongst many other things.

Or perhaps, you may want to engage with a digital marketing agency in Singapore that not will not only do the work for you, but their expertise and experience will also ensure that they’d give you a job well done.