6 Things You Need in a Digital Marketing Partner

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6 Things You Need in a Digital Marketing Partner

Hiring a digital marketing agency could be time-consuming and stressful if you don’t have a guideline to follow. Well, you are in luck! We know how important this round of decision-making is for you so here’s a checklist of 6 factors you should look for in a digital marketing partner.

1. Competitive SEO Ranking

Any good digital marketing agency should be terrific in their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices. And the best way to judge their ability? Definitely through their very own results ranking on the Internet.

Especially if you are engaging for SEO, a company that ranks high on Google for SEO related keywords are probably the ones you should keep shortlisted. Good rankings are equivalent to dense traffic. So, if the agency’s own website is not even ranking, you might want to consider giving it a pass.

2. Updated & Proven Strategy

One thing you should know about digital marketing is that they are not a one-day miracle happening. SEO, for example, is a long term strategy and you will need one that promises consistency. Ranking on the 1st page today but dropping to the 2nd page the next day is not the most ideal plan.

Keep a look-out and make sure the agency you are in the talks with keep themselves up-to-date with the latest Google algorithm changes. Doing so would ensure high rankings on Google, in the very least.

3. Skilled Team

As much as proper resources and techniques are important, an experienced team of SEO consultants are what makes it or breaks it. With the right skills and knowledge, the right campaign techniques can be utilised with time and resources are well spent.

Having the support of a digital marketing team allows your company to come off as an industry expert. This instils credibility in your business and evokes a sense of trust and credibility amongst your clients and potential ones.

4. Recognition

When narrowing down your choices, do make sure to do research on their accreditations. This is especially important as it instantly proves a digital marketing agency’s track record, and what they have previously accomplished to lead them to significant endorsements.

More often than not, the recognised and acknowledged are highly preferable too. Some local accreditations to look out for include support from SkillsFuture, e2i and UTAP. Receiving these grants in Singapore means the agency has an excellent track record of clients and results.

5. Team Culture

People say engaging in a digital marketing partner is like getting into a long-time relationship. You will both be working together for quite some time and it’ll only work if you match well. This is why having aligned objectives, goals and vibes are mandatory.

If the team consists of a team of people who has great dynamics and can talk with, chances are you have found the right partner.

6. Client Pool

Make sure the agency isn’t just sprouting fluff on their website by sussing out their client pool. Check out their portfolio and see if they have previously worked with clients of your size.

See what they have done for their clients for a gauge on what they could offer you. A digital team’s working style and language usually shine through their portfolio. Now that you’ve done your homework, you have a better insight into their service.

Keep these 6 factors in mind when settling on a digital marketing partner. Never skip out on your research and keep asking around for recommendations. After sieving out your options, make sure to prepare a list of questions to ask a digital marketing partner prior to your first meeting!