How Facebook Retargeting Is Just Like Dating

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How Facebook Retargeting Is Just Like Dating

DID YOU KNOW? 98% of people who land on your website will never make it to complete a call-to-action.

Talk about ouch.

Not to worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel – Retargeting is a Digital Marketing strategy used to bring the eyeballs back on you and your brand, where all you really need to do to win the hearts of the special one(s) is to make sure you surprise and entertain when the opportunity arrives. Below is a quick guide of how you can apply a simple and effective retargeting tool – right here on Facebook.

The Recipe For Great “Cookies” 

The first step to retargeting is “Cookies”. In Facebook terms, this is called a “Pixel” – a small, unobtrusive piece of code that is to be put on your website to track and follow your target, serving your advertisements as they go round surfing the web. However, just as every individual has different tastes, you will have to ensure you personalise the ads according to their interests and behaviours learnt from their past actions.

Be There When They Need You Most, Even If They Don’t Know It

Every brand knows that they need to stay top of mind in order to get customers to convert. It’s more difficult than it sounds, but you will be surprised at how Facebook retargeting is able to drive up your click-through, engagement and conversion rates. You have to constantly remind your audience that you are just round the corner, offering them the reassurance why you are the right choice for them the moment that they are ready. It is all about being at the right place, at the right time.

Every Relationship Is Different

No cookie-cutter solution is going to work when it comes to Facebook Retargeting, just like how you wouldn’t use the same tactics every time you woo someone. Once you are all done setting up your Facebook pixel, you will be able to create a Custom Audience on your Ads Manager Account to track your visitors based on their activities such as:

Leads– when a visitor completes a signup (such as a free trial)

Initiate Checkout– when a visitor starts the checkout process

View Content– when a visitor views a page on your site

Tracking your visitors will allow you to know them better so that you can accurately plan your next move. If your date is interested in sneakers, it wouldn’t do you well to be showing him or her a pair of heels, or even slippers. If you know exactly what your target audience is interested in, you will be able to tailor your  Social Media Marketing plan accordingly, increasing the likelihood of them falling hard in love with you and what you have to offer them. In fact, you will be expected to create up to over 20 to 100 audience segments, creating content that is tailored specifically to each of them. Not including the other nuances and more advanced steps that can come into play, this is why it may be wise to hire a Digital Marketing Agency, who will be able to customize a hyper-focused and finely-tuned Facebook Retargeting campaign for you.

Scoring An “I Do”

Retargeting is that golden second date, a second chance and opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell, or simply nurture a relationship. This is not to say that creativity does not come into play – you will also need to be backed by relevant and great content on your website and throughout. To score an “I Do”, you will need constant engagement – you can’t expect two people to fall in love without continual and persistent communication. Just be mindful that you do not end up spamming your target audience, labelling yourself as a “creepy stalker” and scaring them away into oblivion forever.

Tips To Having A Long-Lasting Relationship

The essence to Facebook retargeting and a healthy, long-lasting relationship is the same – Trust. It’s far easier to sell to people who have already expressed interest, rather than acquiring new ones since they are more than likely to already trust you. Of course, always be sure to meet their expectations and deliver on your promises, whether it be quality website content, an outstanding product or impeccable service. The rewards that you reap from the relationship will be so worth all that extra effort. Here are some ideas that you can try out right now:

1) Create a Custom Audience for existing customers who have visited your page in the last 90 days and serve them ads regarding a new product release.

2) Create a Custom Audience for leads who have recently shown interest in a specific product, offering them a 1-day-only discount to create urgency.

3) Create a Custom Audience for past customers who have recently purchased – suggesting a similar or complementing item(s) that they may like or find useful.

Just like any relationship, the hard work never stops once you meet the goal – so put on your best front, and let’s get cracking!