Interesting facts you need to know about LinkedIn marketing

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Interesting facts you need to know about LinkedIn marketing

Interesting facts you need to know about LinkedIn marketing

How often do you mention LinkedIn in your social media marketing conversations? Perhaps, not as often as you do other social networking sites, so to clear the air; LinkedIn is actually a social media site. It’s only that it has more grownups than any other social media site. Another interesting fact about LinkedIn is that it is one of the oldest of the social media sites, which explains why grownups would like to hang around there. Holistically, it is the most professional networking site with more than 400 million users and growing.

Online marketing can be categorized into two broad sections: B2B marketing and B2C marketing. Simply, B2B marketing means business to business marketing while B2C means business to a community. The former would fit well on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you find a collection of top-level management teams, business influencers and regular employees in one place. Of course, finding that network on LinkedIn is more complicated than just having mutual connections with a prospective client. You need to arm yourself with high-grade information about LinkedIn marketing.

Business doesn’t just happen on its own

Business doesn’t just happen on its own either on LinkedIn or elsewhere. It is a conscious decision that one has to make to find those connections and referrals. For prospective clients, you need to reach out and make introductions. If you are unsure of where to start you might begin by searching relevant keywords. They will direct you to the right place, who knows you just might have mutual connections with your prospect

The best bet of having meaningful conversations on LinkedIn is employing forward-thinking. For instance, if you need to forge partnerships in future then you should be discussing light but meaningful topics now to build long-term trust.

Groups help build networks

If you are not familiar with how LinkedIn groups work, they almost function similarly to Facebook groups. Here, professionals organize themselves into a community of like-minded people. You can request to join a group or you can be added into one. LinkedIn members are at liberty to join a group of their choice and they are many. The idea is to join a group in your own industry. The most you can achieve through LinkedIn groups is content marketing. These groups also offer valuable networking opportunities. For instance, members will share upcoming offline networking sessions within the group members.

For your part, you need to participate in the discussions and make a connection with the members. Be specific when responding to a comment, it shows you are interested in whatever was said.

Push your personal/business brand out there

Reasonably, LinkedIn offers a few thousand or more worth of advertising free of charge depending on how you utilize the platform. Specifically, marketing is the reason most of us have a presence in social media. Therefore, make the best of the free airtime on a personal level and as a company. So how do you leverage on the free advertising space? Easy, you employ content marketing tactics. For example, the simplest way to take people back to your website is through sharing above par content then linking it with your website.

If the content is great it will have more readers going back to your website creating interest for your company in the long run.