March Team Bonding: Terrarium Building Workshop? Check!

Updated on: 11 April 2019

Team Impossible seems to have done it all: Soy Candle making, Virtual Reality (VR), Bowling to Bubble Bump.. what’s next?

Welcoming new team members into our Digital Marketing Agency , we decided to revert back to our zen roots this time – signing up for a Terrarium building workshop to dabble in the art of making our very own miniature greenhouse!

And so we commence!

To kickstart the workshop, we were introduced to the basics of what a terrarium is and how the entire eco-system works to sustain itself. It felt just like attending a science lesson in primary school – and just like a bunch of school kids, we couldn’t wait to get hands-on!

See the smaller stones on the right? That’s the first ingredient to go into our Terrarium!

DID YOU KNOW? Each layer that goes into the terrarium plays an important role for ensuring that your plants are able to live a long and healthy life. Who knew that these low-maintenance gardens actually require plenty of focus and attention when building from scratch!

Maximum concentration for maximum results!

We were kindly supplied with these baby Mosaic plants to add into our Terrarium!
Look at how pretty the leaves are!
With every team bonding session comes plenty of laughter!
The arsenal of tools at our disposal!
Just one of the many finished products.. Can you guess whose it is?

Overall, Team Impossible’s first Terrarium building experience was a huge win! As we proceed to plant these wonderful creations on our office desks, may it hopefully serve as new-found inspiration and happier moods through the daily grind!

Want to see Team Impossible live in action? Be sure to watch the full video to catch a glimpse of our day!

YouTube video

Till the next one!