May Team Bonding: The Impossible Iron Man vs Thanos Battle!

Updated on: 5 July 2019

Avengers: End Game may have been long over – but not for Team Impossible!

Bringing the epic battle back to life and raising havoc on earth (or at least around our office) – May’s team bonding started off with a legendary fight of Iron Man vs Thanos!

Split into 4 dream teams, we had to put on our thinking hats and design the most ingenious battlesuit – using only the arsenal of tools provided to us!

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Enjoy the video and vote for your personal favourite:

YouTube video

The day didn’t quite end there – in order to be crowned Impossible’s ultimate superheroes, each team was tasked with the final mission to collect all 6 infinity stones in order to complete their own Infinity Gauntlet!

You can bet there were tons of unglamorous sweating, running and screaming for 3 hours straight – we promise we haven’t gone crazy from the daily grind… but then again, that’s the secret sauce needed for heroic campaigns isn’t it?

BRB while we go recharge our batteries!