Our Friday afternoon jamming session at Team Music (May 18 team bonding)

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Our Friday afternoon jamming session at Team Music (May 18 team bonding)

On May 25, the Impossible Team headed down to Scape (yes, Scape once again) for our highly anticipated team bonding session. Hurray! A break from our Digital Marketing duties.

This time, however, we would be doing something different – Making music!

We spent the first part of the session engaging in some warm-up sessions to loosen our vocal chords and develop our sense of rhythm.

We were then split into 3 teams; Singers, Ukuleles and Percussion.

Our Ukulele Team
Our Percussion Team hard at work

After an intensive practice session, we were finally ready to come together and perform our song, Price Tag!

YouTube video

Here’s very big hand to our singers who were volunteered to be the stars for our 1st performance 🙂

Our brave singers

For the next part of the segment, we were split into 2 groups. These 2 groups would be competing against each other by performing the song YMCA. Judges would be judging their performance based on Team Music’s 3Cs of Creativity, Collaboration and Communication.

Teams discussing their winning strategies

Guess which team won? 😉

Team A Lah
Team Whatever Lah

Points to Team Whatever Lah for their awesome coordination.

YouTube video

A round of applause for Team A Lah’s creative dance moves.

YouTube video

Thank you Team Music for helping us ignite our hidden musical talents! We had a blast jamming with you guys 🙂