A review of our SEO service from Slim Couture

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A review of our SEO service from Slim Couture

Yes! We have received yet another review from our client. This time, it is from Slim Couture.

Slim Couture is a homegrown company in Singapore dedicated to helping people lose weight safely through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods.

Slim Couture wanted to boost their SEO and make their weight loss services discoverable to their target audience. After extensive online research, they decided to engage Impossible Marketing in their SEO journey.

After a few months of SEO optimisation, we manage to bring more than 20 weight loss related keywords to the 1st page of Google search. 10 of them are ranked page 1 number 1!

Let’s hear what they have to say about our SEO Services:

Impossible Marketing was results – focused and provided us with excellent service. In a really short space of time, they brought our website to the number one SEO ranking for keywords related to weight loss. We have received a significant increase of leads to our website! Thank you Impossible Marketing!
– Slim Couture