5 signs your business should invest in social media

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5 signs your business should invest in social media

Think about it. Would we be able to share every meme, every viral video, and every inspirational content were it not for social media? Social media has become a way of life so much so that people always wonder how it was before the dawn of social media. It’s where we get to connect with friends and family, vent out when we are frustrated, share good news and every once in a while, brag about a thing or two. From the social perspective, it seems like the Holy Grail (of course it is), a necessity we can’t do without.

The truth of the matter is that social media is a must for online marketing plan and it can benefits your business more than you could ever comprehend. Bigger brands like Coca Cola are on it and continue to enjoy benefits that come in investing social media. Why would your small business entity be not interested in social media? What are some of the signs that you need to invest in social media marketing?

You are clueless on what a Facebook page is, a tweet is or what a Pinterest pin is

If you own a business entity and you simply cannot tell what a tweet is in this age and era, it’s about time you spared some resources to invest in social media. Chances are that you are losing out big time by giving social media a wide berth. A good percentage of your customers, competitors and even strategists are on social media. Why aren’t you? You need to learn about social media, how it works and how you can use it to increase your brand visibility. It’s never too late to make things right.

Engagement on social media is very low and response is slow

If you are a sole business owner handling almost everything, making timely responds and engagement on social media might suffer a beating. You have emails to go through, orders to make, planning to make, financial engagements that you simply have no time to engage and respond with your audience on social media. When this happens, it’s about time you invested in a social media executive to handle all things related to social media such as posting content, handling customer questions, running promotions, email marketing, responding to questions and many more.

You only manage a single post in one week

Just making one post in a week? You are losing the plot. You need help and it’s about time you invested in social media in your business. If you have no time to make posts consistently, it’s about time you hired a social media consultant or executive to help you in this regard. Such a consultant would come up with a posting strategy, schedule posts in the right way, engage customers and ensure that conversations keep going.

You use only one platform – Facebook

Social media is diverse. There are over 2 billion active users on all the social media networks available. Focusing just on one social media platform like Facebook could be suicidal as your customers are on a number of platforms. If you find it that you only have one social media platform, it’s about time you invested in an executive to create and run a number of platforms for your business. More platforms equal to more exposure.

You rely too much on automation

Sounds tempting right? Well, you might automate tweets and posts but you cannot automate interactions or engagements. Questions from your audience need a human to answer them. If you rely too much on automation, its time you invested on social media and have someone managed your social media platforms.

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