Benefits of submitting a website to Bing webmaster

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Benefits of submitting a website to Bing webmaster

If you are a webmaster and do not have a BWT (Bing Webmaster Tools), it is prudent to sign up. Bing, the Microsoft-owned search engine has been adding new features to its tools to become more competitive. But why should you really submit a website to Bing Webmaster Tools? Here are key advantages that you will get by doing so.

Bing is the second most important search engine after Google

While Google is the biggest search engine out there, Bing comes second in generating traffic. The Bing market share has been on an upward trend for the last couple of years and recently hit 20% of all searches in the US. Therefore, even if the bulk of the traffic is from Google, what is coming from Bing is also crucial. You could strengthen the brand and drive conversions by expanding it.

The Bing Dashboard is laden with more details compared to others

The features you get on the Bing Dashboard are more appealing compared to other search engines such as Google. The Bing Dashboard works in many aspects of Google by generating quick overviews on clicks from the searches to crawl errors. Also, Bing dashboard goes ahead to give a report of crawled pages, search keywords, and inbound links. It is important to point that webmasters can also utilize Bing SEO and even submit sitemaps.

Bing generates more in-depth analysis of your site

On the Bing Report and Data section, there are numerous tools just like the Google Console. However, Bing also provides the following reports that are not available on Google.

  • Index Explorer report: This is a special report by the Bing bots after crawling a website. You can use the report to identify major opportunities and issues that require urgent attention. A good example is an information on broken links.
  • Page mobile friendliness report: This report indicates how compliant, or otherwise a website is about Bing’s Mobile Friendliness requirements.
  • SEO Report: This is one of the most useful reports for webmasters. From an SEO point of view, a webmaster will know whether all efforts on the site comply with best practices. It focuses on identifying issues with alt tags, header tags, and includes very useful recommendations.

The Bing webmaster tools are very helpful

When you navigate to the Diagnostics and Tools section of Bing Webmaster Tools, the SEO analyzer stands out. In addition to outlining the issues on your website from SEO point of view, the SEO analyzer includes recommendations for actions. Once all the issues are addressed, a report on every page can be generated to view the new results. This will help you check the severity of any issue and comprehensive explanation.

Using Bing Webmaster tools is a great way to leverage website’s security

While the Google Search Console security features are really helpful, you can never be 100% secure. Therefore, it will be more rewarding to reinforce the security using Bing Webmaster Tools security monitoring system. The Bing Webmaster Tools will address anything that Google Search Console might have missed.

While Bing Webmaster Tools lag behind in many aspects when compared to Google, its steady growth over the last couple of years is worth noting. SEO consultants can no longer ignore Bing search engine anymore.