Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know To Kickstart 2022

Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know To Kickstart 2022

Updated on: 25 November 2021

Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know To Kickstart 2022

Singapore has one of the highest GDP per capita among nations. It is also touted to be one of the fastest ever-expanding international commerce hubs. Like any nation worldwide, we have seen a shifting trend towards digital marketing over the years. So if you are a digital marketer, you should pay attention to what we have to share!

Due to COVID, 2021 has been a lousy year for industries worldwide, with many constraints being placed on marketing budgets across different sectors. However, as the pandemic slowly shifts to an endemic in many nations, the market is en route to recovery, and marketers are looking for the best strategies to boost their brand in the upcoming year.

Let us share some of the essential digital marketing trends you cannot ignore as we usher in 2022.

Programmatic advertising

Have you considered using AI to purchase ad space? This solution removes the need for physical manpower. Therefore, companies can be assured of a cost-effective and reliable solution to their needs. Here is a brief understanding of how programmatic advertising works.

  1. Someone clicks on the website;
  2. The owner of the website puts the ad impression up for auction;
  3. Advertisers bid for the ad impression that is up for auction;
  4. The advertiser that successfully bid the most wins the right to display their advertisement;
  5. The advertisement will be shown on the ad space for users of the website;
  6. Advertisers convert ad clicks into sales and profits.

The capability of programmatic advertising exceeds what manual search-driven advertising is capable of, allowing for capacity optimisation. The majority of manual search-driven campaigns, even with the added help of professional advertising tools, can only track under three categories: location, keyword, and time of day.

Programmatic advertising, on the other hand, when assimilated into the customer data platform, can track at a single time hundreds of varying signals to better match advertisements according to behavioural habits and lifestyle.

If purchasing paid media is an essential strategy for getting more customers, an example of programmatic advertising you might consider is real-time bidding, which helps you buy assured ad space with strong ad impressions in advance in real-time auctions.

Conversational marketing

Chatbot has been something that most companies use on their website. When customers have a question, the majority expects an immediate answer. Hence, chatbots eliminate the need to have a physical staff answering those questions. However, there is an increasing trend in which chatbots are employed in conversational marketing. This creates a more intimate, instant connection between customers and digital marketers.

The critical point of conversational marketing is enhancing the user experience through a heavy emphasis on feedback, fostering higher sales volume, stronger loyalty, and better engagement.

Some tools that companies employ in their conversational marketing strategies are:

  1. Personalised emails
  2. Personalised videos
  3. Chatbots
  4. Virtual selling assistants

Interactive content

While mentioning instant connection, there is nothing more instant than interactive content, one of the fastest evolving digital marketing trends. And 2022 is the year we might expect to see a move from traditional contentto interactive and immersive content that provides customers with a dynamic experience.

Some examples include:

  1. Augmented reality advertisements
  2. Games
  3. Virtual reality
  4. Quizzes and polls

These kinds of content can generate higher business results as they engage and catch customers’ attention better. It provides customers with the feeling of being better connected with the brands. 

Progressive web applications (PWAs)

PWAs are websites that operate similarly to mobile applications but functions like stock applications. PWAs allow for the activation of push notifications, offline usage, and efficient load times. This is considered crucial in an era where the number of smartphone users is rapidly increasing.

Mobile users are becoming an increasingly desirable target audience due to their ability to access the web anytime and anywhere. As such, using PWAs to push notifications to them is an excellent way to promote your brand and entice them to visit should they be within the vicinity of your physical store.


We hope the digital marketing trends we have shared has provided you with a deeper insight into the strategies you can adopt for your marketing campaign in 2022.

From what we have learned from the various SEO campaigns our team has worked on, content should be created to fulfil a need and bridge the gap between brands and customers.

Furthermore, change is a necessary factor in digital marketing. As digital marketers, we need to constantly embrace new methods, technologies, and strategies to stand out from our competitors in an increasingly crowded landscape.