Dong Dong Dong Qiang! Stay Huat With Impossible Marketing!

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Dong Dong Dong Qiang Stay Huat With Impossible Marketing

Dong Dong Dong Qiang! Stay Huat With Impossible Marketing!

Dong Dong Dong Qiang Stay Huat With Impossible Marketing

Dong Dong Dong Qiang! It feels like it was only yesterday that we gathered together for our first Chinese New Year after COVID-19. And while there are some new faces, the festive mood still stays the same as we ushered in the year of the dragon.

We Got Yu Sheng From Hei Sushi
We got yu sheng from Hei Sushi!

Similar to last year, #TeamImpossible gathered at the office, decking in their best shades of red, pink, and orange. What better way to celebrate 龙(long)evity and prosperity than the traditional lou hei? As usual, we got a Halal-certified yu sheng, which was filled with delicious ingredients that included lots of amazing smoked salmon.

Everybody Enjoying A Taste Of The Fresh Yu Sheng
Everybody enjoying a taste of the fresh yu sheng

It was indeed a messy and noisy affair as each of us grabbed a chopstick and shouted at the top of our lungs as we mixed the yu sheng.

Messy But Good
Messy but good!
Japanese Bento For Everybody
Japanese bento for everybody!

This year, to minimise food wastage, our bosses got us Japanese bento sets. There was unagi donburi, salmon donburi, tori donburi, beef and yasai bento, chicken and tobimayo scallop bento, saba and tori karage bento, and soba tempura bento. Each department sent in their orders a couple of days ago, and everybody was happy with the food they got.

Putting Up The Decorations Is Fun
Putting up the decorations is fun!
Cant Miss Out Our Main Entrance
Can’t miss out our main entrance!
Chinese New Year Decorations Alongside Our Very Own Im Posters
Chinese New Year decorations alongside our very own IM posters!
Doesnt It Just Makes Our Pantry Look A Little More Festive
Doesn’t it just makes our pantry look a little more festive?

The Chinese New Year vibe this year was certainly elevated by the subtle and adorable decorations that were placed all over the office. Just two months ago, those same walls were filled with jolly Christmas decorations.

Chinese New Year Vibe This Year Was Certainly Elevated By The Subtle

And lastly, you cannot say you celebrated Chinese New Year without ang pows. Our bosses blessed everybody with ang pows. Some of our senior colleagues even did it the traditional way by giving oranges and words of blessings in exchange for their ang pows. It was indeed a good time as smiles rose on everybody’s face as they received the goodness.

Good Time As Smiles Rose On Everybodys Face As They Received The Goodness

Some Of Our Senior Colleagues Even Did It The Traditional Way By Giving Oranges And Words Of Blessings In Exchange For Their Ang Pows

Everybody Has Been Working Hard To Usher In The New Year

It is only the start of 2024 and everybody has been working hard to usher in the new year and with new clients expected to come in throughout the year, such celebrations offers us a moment to celebrate, get to know one another, and relax.

Teamimpossible To All Of You We Wish You A Blessed Chinese New Year

As we tackle the year ahead, expanding Impossible Marketing’s portfolio of clientele, we, too, are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends, ensuring that we provide nothing but the best for our clients.

Last but not least, from #TeamImpossible to all of you, we wish you a Blessed Chinese New Year, 龙年大吉,龙年兴旺,龙凤呈祥!Huat lah! Ong lah!

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