Holiday Marketing 101: 4 Valuable Tips for Higher Profits

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Holiday Marketing 101: 4 Valuable Tips for Higher Profits

With the holiday season just round the corner, it is time to reevaluate your PPC strategy.

And if you are feeling unsure of what to do next, and are facing difficulties in coming up with a solid plan – fret not! In this article, we will be sharing 4 methods to seize the holi-DAY and hopefully rake in some serious profit!

1. Perform a full review on the previous year’s results.

One great way to start is to conduct an in-depth review of the previous year’s failures and successes. Reviewing your results not only allows you to recognize and distinguish what went well, but also highlights the areas needed for improvement.

Some questions you can reflect on are:

  • What are some of the more well-received creatives? Do they have any similarities between them? Why did they perform better than the others? What do people like about them?
  • Which communication platforms are the most prominent and well-liked by your audience?
  • Which campaign(s) generated the most revenue?
  • Which group of audiences performed the best in terms of conversion rate?
  • Which areas did you outdo your competitors? Which areas did they outperform you?

2. Carry out tests on various platforms.

Every year, the digital world is evolving and growing rapidly. In just a span of 12 months, there are countless changes that require us to reevaluate our strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Change is the only constant – in order to continue growing and sustaining your results, it is highly advisable to constantly experiment and try out new strategies. This can take the form of testing out on new platforms, creatives and how often you communicate with your audience. Especially during the holiday season when your audience is highly likely to be active – there is no better time to carry out a quick experiment!

3. Build your audiences.

It is beneficial to think about the group of audiences you would like to target, and work from there. Once you have established your specific target audience, you can reach out to them by finding out their interests and likes, as well as their pains and dislikes. This information can later be useful as part of your retargeting and remarketing efforts as well!

You can also test out how your audiences are leveraged across different platforms. A great way to track campaign performance is to utilize the audience report within Google Analytics  that allows you to customize your data based on your most important metrics. Take a look at which audience is driving the most sales, and then adjust your PPC strategy to laser focus in on them this holiday season.

4. Drive brand engagement.

The festive season is the perfect time to strengthen and boost your brand’s engagement. In the season of gifting – there are 2 kinds of gift-givers; namely the ones who like to surprise others, and the ones who are looking for a wish list to purchase from. Make sure you reach out to both by driving User Generated Content (UGC) and starting wish list campaigns!

UGC is a significant way to help your brand gain awareness and attention at any time of the year. However, it may be more effective during the festive season because this is the time when people are more driven to purchase. UGC brings about many benefits, including grabbing the attention of your target audience to move towards a specific call-to-action. And did we mention that UGC is the perfect type of content for social media marketing?

In addition, launch a wish list campaign on your site that suggests items for customers based on their past browsing and buying behaviour. It is important to note that you should make the action effortless for them to use and share, and sneak in some promotions to further enhance the deal!

Holiday marketing is undoubtedly a prime opportunity to drive higher profits. Above are just a few of the many ways you can go about tweaking your strategy, and if you wish to learn even more – consider consulting your trusted Digital Marketing Agency or signing up for a Digital Marketing Course with us today!