How SEO and Paid Advertisement Can Work Together?

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How SEO and Paid Advertisement Can Work Together?

SEO and Paid Adverisement

Many marketers and businesses are aware of the fact SEO (also known as organic search results) and Paid Advertisement (also know as SEM or Pay Per Click) are different but their aim is and will be in most cases same, and that is to get as much high quality leads as possible to convert them into sales. However, it is understandable that some people have lower budget for Paid Advertisement because the cost for every click can get quite expensive and thus they turn towards SEO. SEO require more time and effort to get results even though the traffic are free. If both are combined – they become a very powerful internet marketing strategy.

Let’s first look at the advantages and disadvantages of both SEO and Paid Advertisement.

Advantages of Paid Advertisement (Pay Per Click)

  • See your advertisement up almost immediately.
  • Ranked on top of overall Google search results.
  • Easy to build and customize.

Disadvantages of Paid Advertisement 

  • Depends on keyword, some can be expensive (more than $10 per click).
  • Cannot stop competitors from clicking on your advertisement.
  • Once daily budget is up, your advertisement will not be shown until the next day.

Advantages of SEO (Organic search results) 

  • Free and unlimited traffic.
  • Don’t have to worry about competitors clicking on your advertisement.
  • Advertisement will be shown 24 hours per day as there is no budget constraint.
  • Receive more traffic as research shows that more users tend to click on organic search results’ websites as it have more quality compared to Paid Advertisements’ websites.

Disadvantages of SEO

  • Take time to build, usually 3-6 months to see results.
  • Even if you achieved page 1 number 1 ranking, your website is still below Paid Advertisement.

Combining SEO and Paid Advertisement

You can always combine both strategy to work for you. Imagine you are doing SEO on your website which takes about 3 months to see results. During this 3 months, you can use Paid Advertisement to get leads for your business. 3 months later after your website appear at the top of Google organic search results, you can then pause your Paid Advertisement campaign.

If you have budget, you can continue your Paid Advertisement campaign and together with SEO, your website will shown twice in the Google overall search results.    

So, this is how you can make SEO and Pay Per Click work together effectively and get some pretty good results. You should definitely try it if it’s possible for you.