How To Get More Potential Customers With Google My Business

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How To Get More Potential Customers With Google My Business

How To Get More Potential Customers With Google My Business

How To Get More Potential Customers With Google My Business

Google is the leading search engine globally, holding over 92 per cent of the search engine market share. Therefore, creating a Google Business Profile (formerly named Google My Business) is a crucial method of gaining new potential customers for your business through the utilisation of Google maps and searches.

What is Google My Business (now named Google Business Profile)?

Google Business Profile is a business listing portal that Google offers to individuals and businesses for free, allowing anybody to input photos and details related to their business, such as products, services, and location.

Utilising such a tool is ideal for increasing your business’s visibility on the search engine. Inputted details on your Google Business Profile may show up in various Google services such as Google Shopping, Google Search, and Google Maps.

Google My Business is available only to businesses that have physical contact with their customers, for example having an actual physical location such as an office or restaurant or face-to-face services such as consultants or photographers.

If your business model is done online-only, then you might have to rely on alternate Google-enabled tools such as Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Why do you need Google Business Profile for SEO?

1. Gets your business discovered on Google maps

Be it you are looking to increase web traffic or actual physical foot traffic, a Google Business profile puts your business on the map. An active google business location allows people to discover your business details when they search for keywords, services, and products related to you.

In addition, a local business’s listing is more than likely to show up when consumers look up Google Maps for related companies near them.

2. Control your business’s online information

Your Google Business profile allows efficient update and control of your business hours, contact details, as well as any additional information necessary. Any business updates such as the expansion of services and temporary closing of business can be shared through your Google Business Profile.

3. Develop trust and credibility through reviews

Customers’ reviews are a critical factor in building credibility and trust. Google’s combination of review space and star ratings allows your customers to leave behind their experience with your products or services. This, in turn, assist future customers in making a better choice in deciding which products to purchase and which firms to engage with.

Setting up a Google Business Profile

1. Log in to Google Business Profile Manager: As long as you are logged into an existing Google account, you automatically have access to Google Business Profile Manager.

2. Add your business: Key in the name of your business. If it does not show up on the drop-down menu, select “Add your business to Google”, then select the best-related category and click “Next”.

3. Input your business’s location: If you have an actual physical location potential customers can go to, select “Yes”, and fill in the necessary details. If you do not operate from a physical location but provide face-to-face services such as deliveries, fill in your service areas and click “Next”.

4. Input your contact details: You do not have to put in your phone number should you prefer not to be contacted. Nevertheless, this step involves inputting your key contact number as well as a website that customers can reach should they be interested in your business.

5. Business verification: You will have to key in your own physical address. This necessary step is primarily to verify the authenticity of your business. The information shared with Google will not be shared on your Google Business Profile. Once you key in your address, you will proceed to the next part, which is optional.

A business with a physical location will be sent a postcard to verify its location. A business with no physical location but relies on a service-area will be offered verification through email. Once you receive the five-digit verification code, enter it on the screen and click “Verify”

6. Customisation of profile

This step involves you keying in business-related information such as opening hours, a business description, and contact methods.

Optimising your Google Business Profile

Google determines your business’s local SEO ranking based on three key areas:

  • Relevance: How related to a search is your Google Business Profile listing?
  • Distance: How close are you to the individual who searches for related businesses?
  • Prominence: How established is your business? (Links to your website, star ratings, and number of reviews)

Here are some things you can do to optimise your Google Business Profile in all three key areas.

Add actual videos and images related to your business

Your business’s cover photo and logo are a necessary element of your Google Business Profile. When doing so, make it easier for consumers to recognise your brand by using images that are consistent and similar to your social profiles. In addition, you might also want to consider adding videos and pictures of your business, its location, and the people working there.

If your business deals with products or food, pictures of them will make your Google Business Profile look good. Always ensure that every image and video you upload there are high quality and look professional. That way, you are able to attract more clicks to your business page.

Include keywords in your Google Business Profile

Keywords improve relevancy. If you are unsure of your starting point, try Keyword Planner or Google Trends to help suggest relevant keywords that people search for. Additionally, you can also rely on Hootsuite Insights and Google Analytics to help uncover key terms that people search for that relates to your business. It is essential to incorporate keywords in your business description as natural as possible. Do not just squeeze them in for the sake of using them. Irrelevant keywords will end up hurting your SEO rankings.

Complete every element on your Google Business Profile

Customers are more than likely to find a business trustworthy if they fill every detail on their Google Business Profile as accurately as possible. Google specifically states that “businesses with accurate and complete information are easier to match with the right searches.” The main point is to tell Google users “when they can visit, where you are, and what you do.”


At the end of the day, it is vital to not only set up a Google Business Profile for your business, but also to ensure that you keep the information up-to-date. That way, you are able to attract more potential customers.

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