How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Updated on: 7 February 2022

How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Businesses in 2022 have a lot to do in the realm of digital marketing. The pandemic has shifted the landscape of how consumers interact with companies, and many SMEs have struggled to figure out a working digital marketing strategy.

For the uninitiated, digital marketing strategy just means views, likes and shares. But for those trained, you know that views, likes and shares are just the smallest tips of the tip of the iceberg. There lies many other metrics that all mean very different things, when understood and acted upon, can create effective and practical improvements and awareness to your business and brand. Here we share a few simple ones that all business owners should be aware of.

Overall Website Traffic

Your website is the base of your operations, where everything happens for your business and brand. That is where customers explore your services and products, a curated ecosystem where you can dictate the full story and experience people get. While we do all sorts of digital campaigns like creating social media campaigns, optimising advertisements or creating written content, the end goal will be to channel them towards your website.

Fixing broken links or focusing on various Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) keywords will create a better ranking with the Google Algorithms, checking in with the running of campaigns to see if they affect overall traffic positively or negatively, allowing you to make overall informed decisions.

Most Visited Pages

While all companies have a homepage, they often lead to various product or service pages, each with its pool of interest and customers. Most Visited Pages metric gives you a whole range of data, such as where the visitors of the sites are going and how long they have stayed on your page.

This allows you to see which sites need optimising (for products you want them to purchase more of) or learn to see your customers’ behaviour and how you can create a better experience that caters directly to them.

Bounce Rate

The Bounce Rate metric is the percentage of visitors that leave your site (bounce away) after viewing a single page. While there might be an endless list of reasons and not a single central “mistake” that has created the bounce, going through the list will help you identify your mistakes and systematically improve your site.

The reasons can range from:

  • Not being able to find an answer to what they are searching for
  • Gathered relevant content but were not incentivised to explore further
  • The site is not optimised and takes too long to load
  • Error page generated

Getting to the root of the problem will inform you of the right strategies to implement, be it linking to your business blog where people can peruse high-quality content, linking to another web page where they can immediately go through relevant products and services, or improving and optimising the pages content to decrease page load time increase the quality of user experience.


Businesses are often a complex ecosystem with many skills and moving parts. A business that grows can no longer blindly rely on just one or two key strengths to drag the entire organisation along to success. Similarly, digital marketing has become increasingly formulaic, with businesses and many SMEs increasingly hiring freelancers or outsourcing their work to make sure every part of their business is digitally robust.

In fact, this is often a long-term game that most people fail to see, with excellent digital marketing campaigns building solid foundations, compounding for even better effect over months and even years of digital strategising and efforts.

A digital marketing agency does more than just increase site traffic and optimise pages – they often offer a range of services like Search Engine Marketing (SEM, also known as Google Ads), social media marketing and even web page design. If you are not sure if your business requires any (or all) of these services, get connected with us and we might be the perfect solution for you!

Not only would we help you create custom-fitting digital solutions, but also share a better idea for how to prepare your company for 2022’s digital opportunities and fireproof it for the challenges ahead.