3 Kinds Of Content Ideas Behind A Successful Business Blog

3 Kinds Of Content Ideas Behind A Successful Business Blog

Updated on: 29 December 2021

3 Kinds Of Content Ideas Behind A Successful Business Blog

Blogging is an age-old practice that has existed for as long as the internet has. Following the evolution of digital marketing over the years, blogging has become a more trained, sophisticated practice, especially as businesses start using them to engage audiences.

As the third-most-common content marketing strategy for businesses today, blogs are one of the most effective ways to promote an organisation and attract and sustain loyal web traffic. In fact, according to a study, marketers who prioritise blogging achieve an ROI that is thirteen times more than businesses that don’t.

With that said, the trick is to know what types of blog posts can attract traffic and be an evergreen addition to one’s archive. To help small businesses to create high-performance content for their blogs, here are three types of written content that define the best blogs and how to emulate them.

Informative whitepapers

Amidst ever-changing content marketing trends, one thing remains constant: consumers want to learn about services from in-depth content rather than on-the-surface traditional ads.

For almost every business, a key component of driving high sales lies in educating their target audience about their service and the kind of solutions it could offer to the buyer. Though the problem is, some consumers often aren’t aware that they have a problem to solve, to begin with, much less the kind of solutions available out there. The key: whitepapers.

A whitepaper is an authoritative, comprehensive, in-depth explanation of a particular topic that presents a problem and provides a solution. Whitepapers are created to educate the audience about any prevalent issue and promote a specific methodology offered by the business. And since it’s only natural for companies to be well-versed in the types of products they offer, whitepapers are an excellent form of articles that are extremely easy to create.


An alternative form of content suited for business blogs would be tips-and-tricks articles. Easily digestible and bite-sized in style, these articles are topical, short and often actionable – making it perfect for social media as well. It’s a winning combination that combats low attention-spans of the digital audiences and the increasingly popular need for easily skimmable content in turn.

Identifying simple yet enjoyable tips that stray away from conventional wisdom is vital. All in all, each tip has to be engaging, unique, easy to carry out, and fun to put into action. Hold the reader’s attention by covering not-widely-known information and striking a perfect balance between brevity and utility throughout the article.

Expert DIY advice

Last but not least, share your expertise by helping your blog visitors with your business-related DIY efforts. Doing so establishes the business’ expert authority, puts the reader’s needs first, and engenders loyalty and relationships in turn.

Walk readers through the essential points of your business-related topic while offering helpful steps and suggestions along the way. Remember to wrap it up by pointing the reader towards seeking professional advice or guidance from the experts. And of course, that’s when you position your organisation as the perfect source of the solution they might need.


With the above types of content, it’s time to get down to producing high-quality, relevant and well-written pieces about topics that cater to your target audience. Regardless of whether you’re eager to establish a blog on your site or improve upon a current one, be sure to brainstorm ideas while optimising your content ideas for SEO and follow some of the best practices to drive conversion.