Impossible Marketing Is Invited To Speak At SGPFAIR 2019!

Updated on: 14 August 2019

SGPFair is an annual fair that supports an extensive array of over 200 exhibits, and a mix of seminars for businesses and leaders to get fresh ideas, explore new concepts and gain valuable tips and inspiration for their business.

Held in early July this year, the international trade exhibition was met with over 10,000 visitors from a myriad of industries and businesses! And of course, our Digital Marketing Agency had to participate and speak at the exhibition to share some of the latest insights and trends in the digital space!

Jabez, our Strategic Relations Manager was invited to talk about his experience in working with a portfolio of customers – and how we effectively use Facebook to increase brand awareness and engagement that ultimately converts into sales! With slides showing how to go about creating a good marketing campaign, and introducing various content pillars to better market your brand on Facebook, it was a full-house event with over 60 participants!

Here’s some photos of the event:

We are both proud and honoured to be able to share some of our most valuable insights with the crowd – if you wish to know more and get a taste of what it is to do what we do – consider signing up for our Digital Marketing Course, where we will be exposing you to more knowledge, tips and tricks into all things Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)!