We Are Managing Over $2 Million Worth of Amazing Campaigns

Updated on: 6 May 2019

As of Q1 2019, our PPC agency has managed over SGD2 million dollars worth of Google AdWords Spend for our pool of clients! This is a huge achievement to say the least, and one that we are extremely proud to share.

Frequently confused with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Pay Click (PPC) is just one of the marketing services that we provide in order to help our clients reach the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). While our SEO team focuses on getting organic results, our PPC team is well-trained to produce results via the paid advertising channel, a.k.a sponsored ads. Our agency has a 3-tier approach when it comes to handling PPC – mainly Search Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads.

Part of evaluating a successful PPC campaign is measuring key metrics such as clicks, impressions and average CPC (Cost Per Click) – among several others to better understand if your ads are generating the relevant exposure for your brand.

Besides the competitive advantage that businesses get from highly-targeted traffic, PPC results are instant and measurable, and a relatively cost-effective solution as compared to traditional advertising. This has helped us to serve many smaller businesses to enter their market with ease. We are honoured to have gotten over 169 million impressions and 1.4 million clicks to our client’s websites as shown in the screenshot below:

Clicks: 1.4 million

Impressions: 169 million

Average CPC: $1.64

Total Cost: $2.29 million

Here’s a quick summary on how to read the graph:

Yellow line: We have successfully managed to reduce the average CPC on our client campaigns.

Red line: We have been increasing the impressions brought over to our clients through unique, original content and ad write-ups that are highly-targeted.

Green line: Hard evidence of the amount of AdWords spend that we have been managing in just 4 months – and still growing!

Blue line: Increasing the number of clicks to our clients websites to bring sales, and thus conversions.

Our campaign managers are masters at their craft in sussing out the best keywords to match search queries and working well within our clients’ budgets and goals to come up with an intricate plan. We make sure to consistently check our accounts throughout the month to pause ads that are under-performing and having the flexibility to adjust our bids accordingly.

We are extremely proud to have managed to keep our average CPC below $2.00, meaning to say that our clients are indirectly spending less for each conversion that they get on their website! Just to give a comparison, the average CPC on AdWords is roughly $2.32 on the search network, and we are well below that number at $1.64!

Since PPC results are trackable and measurable, we learn and grow with each campaign that we do, using prior experience and a wealth of data at our fingertips – both highly essential when choosing to engage a Digital Marketing Agency to take-over your campaigns. We are proud of every ad that we have churned out, and provide our clients with accurate Google Analytics data every month to help them too, better understand how every marketing dollar is spent and attributed to your specific goals.

The best advantage that we bring to all our clients is that we are both a PPC agency as well as a leading SEO agency in Singapore – and we firmly believe in using both to bring results. Being a Google partner company since 2014, we also love keeping up-to-date on the latest Google news and algorithm changes – which is ultimately extended over to you, our precious clients.

Thank you to all of our current clients for believing in us, and for the future and potential clients that will be choosing us to manage their accounts in the future. If you have yet to employ PPC in your marketing efforts, engage us today to get started!