Top 5 tips to raise your AdWords ROI

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Top 5 tips to raise your AdWords ROI

For Google AdWords enthusiasts, the road to getting more website traffic and a higher ROI (return on investment) never ends. Though a common method to increase your campaign ROI is to raise the keyword ranking or quality, getting better results depends on how you apply various aspects to make your campaign more effective. Here are top 5 tips you can use to enjoy a higher ROI on AdWords.

Target clients based on their income capabilities

The biggest part of many Search Engine Marketing (SEM) battles involves trying to know the right clients and their ability to afford your services or product. Take time to discover income classes, rates of purchase, and how to make crucial adjustments to drive your ROI higher. To classify the customer base, you can do it automatically through the AdWords campaign location groups section. You can also do it manually by reviewing the neighbourhood and establishing areas likely to generate more customers. This will give you the characteristics of the population including their income levels.

Utilise dynamic keyword insertions when doing ad headlines

The Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) is often considered controversial by online marketers. When using groups of keywords placed with dynamic keywords within it, DKI will generate a lot of leads. To make DKI work for your campaign, make sure to phrase them appropriately. As customised keywords in the ad copy will make visitors think that these are very relevant ads, they are more likely to click on them. You can even add a description line under them. Remember that the keyword match types must go hand in hand with the DKI.

Use a suggestive Remarketing ad display

The role of every Remarketing effort is to remind your website visitor about the experience he or she had on your site, a conversation they had with your staff, or a piece of content they have read. By designing the follow-up displays appropriately, the visitor can easily get what was missed previously. For example, a Digital Marketing Agency can put a suggestive Remarketing ad shouting Lead Generation Services. The visitor will easily note that this is the information he or she missed the previous time and that the offer is irresistible. Make sure that the images are catchy, easy to associate with, and progressive.

Do not rely on automatic Google AdWords audience targeting

Many people easily forget that Google gives them all the freedom to select their targeted customer base. The reach provided by Google is small and is always slow in sensing and including new targets. When running a new AdWords campaign, leaving auto-targeting on is a very big mistake. Automatic audience targeting will see costs triple while revenue barely flow. However, selecting the target audience manually allows you to review the audience, classify them based on income, and use the best approaches to reach it and get more conversions.

Turn off AdSense for Mobile Applications

Once you sign up for AdWords, Google allows you also to advertise on mobile optimised sites. If you check on display campaign reports, you will see some traffic coming from mobile clicks. However, clicks from mobile apps are of very poor quality because most of them are often clicked accidentally and users rarely take commercial offers seriously. Deactivating AdSense allows you to focus on good traffic, review clients’ experience, and implement positive changes for enhanced visitor experience to get a higher ROI.