Impossible Marketing secures new training centre at International Plaza #36-05A

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Impossible Marketing secures new training centre at International Plaza #36-05A

Impossible Marketing is glad to announce our new training centre at International Plaza #36-05A.

Picture of International Plaza
Picture of International Plaza

Our existing training centre (Parkmall shopping centre), will be redeveloped to a commercial property comprising of 2 office blocks. Expected renovation will take about 2-3 years and will start on 30th Sept 2016.

We have no choice but need to move out.

After 2 months of office hunting, we have decided to secure a new training centre at International Plaza. The new training centre will be doubled the size (about 1000 sq ft) of our existing training centre.

The picture is for illustration only. The actual renovation will be completed by end Sept 2016.

So why we choose International Plaza?

Prestigious location – great for branding

Being one of the most reputable online marketing company in Singapore, we take pride of our brand positioning. As such, International Plaza is one of the most recognised offices in Singapore which is in line with our branding. Moreover, everyone knows where International Plaza is.

Easily accessible

International Plaza is located at the heart of Singapore Central Business District (CBD) area. It also smacks right above Tanjong Pagar MRT and easily accessible via MRT, bus and car.

Sheltered walkway from MRT

There are times where our seminar attendance are affected due to the rain. This is where a sheltered walkway from the MRT station is a big bonus! With our new training centre, our participants will not be affected by the weather.

Walking distance to our Maxwell office

International Plaza is just 3 minutes walk away from our current office at Maxwell House. It makes it easy for our team to travel down to our training centre if needed.

These are the 4 main reasons why we choose International Plaza out of all the choices we have shortlisted for the past 2 months. When we are not using our training centre, it is available for rent. So if you are looking for training room rental, do not hesitate to contact us.