June 2016 – Google Update + Networking

Updated on: 16 June 2016

The recent Google Update + Networking Event was a huge success.

We saw business and personal relationships built up through this event – something that we set off to achieve.

It was great to see everyone engaging each other on topics related to SEO, online business, leisure and many others.

See below for some of the photos:

Google update and networking team picture
Our group photo
Google update and networking team picture 2
Group photo 2
Presenting some Google update to students
Our principal trainer giving some important Google updates to our students
Food for networking
Yes, food is provided for our networking event
Networking in progress
Networking in progress . . . . .

View more photos here: https://www.impossiblenetwork.com/june-2016-google-updates-impossible-networking-event/

Can’t wait for the next event. Stay tuned!