10 october team bonding

October Team Bonding: Team Impossible Explores SuperPark!

Updated on: 5 December 2019

Our Digital Marketing Agency is ready to conquer the massive, 40,000 square-feet playground at SuperPark!

Split into 3 main areas: Adventure Arena, Game Arena and the Freestyle Hall – it was hours of non-stop fun for the team, and plenty of bonding time for our growing agency!

Packed full of action from the get-go – we were broken off into our respective teams, where we had to battle it out at multiple stations to practice our goal-shooting skills, and climb an augmented climbing wall to jack up the challenge factor!

With crazy names such as Superball, Superbowling and Superhoop – watch the video and follow us as we throw, jump, climb, catch, roll and slide our way around the park!

YouTube video

The scores were tallied, and the winners walked away with a bunch of Shaw movie vouchers! Of course, what matters is that everyone Finnished strong! (no pun intended)

It was another great bonding session with the team, and one that definitely got our creativity muscles flexing – just what we need to create awe-inspiring social media marketing campaigns. As we wrap up the year with our final round of Digital Marketing Courses – be sure to keep a look out for our next wave of SEO courses as well!

Guess our super power isn’t only creating super campaigns – here’s to a SUPER awesome 2020 ahead!