SEO Copywriting In Singapore: How To Craft A Content Strategy

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SEO Copywriting In Singapore How To Craft A Content Strategy

SEO Copywriting In Singapore: How To Craft A Content Strategy

SEO Copywriting In Singapore How To Craft A Content Strategy

Creating written content that fulfils excellent SEO practices yet appeals to the intended audience is probably one of the most challenging obstacles content creators, marketers, and bloggers face in their careers. Whether you are a business or an individual trying to build up your blog content, the most innovative and effective way reach your target audience is through SEO copywriting.

While it may seem complicated, SEO is less complex than you think. To create a thriving blog content, you must first do more than just write content. A successful blog content must achieve two results:

  • Finding a solution to an existing issue
  • Appeal to the consumers (clients, readers, customers, prospects, etc.)

By following some of these straightforward yet effective SEO copywriting rules, you can then set out to produce successful written content.

What is SEO?

Just to quickly recap, SEO consists of utilising methods that ensure your page can be effectively crawled and indexed by Google, which in turn, increases your chances of being seen on Page 1 when people search for certain keywords on Google. By following best practices, you ensure that your webpage is ranked higher than your competitors on Google, allowing you to reach your target consumer more effectively and efficiently.

Google ranks their search results based on two factors:

  • How relevant your page is by analysing the webpage content, such as how often and where specific keywords are used in the targeted page.
  • How much authority the page gets by the number of external links and the trustworthiness of those links.

It’s no wonder why SEO copywriting plays such a key role in boosting rankings and bringing organic traffic to your website.

Five key elements to SEO copywriting

Some of the key factors you want to take note of is timeliness and visual appeal. However, these are just the basics of relatable content. To help take your content to the next level, here are five critical elements to incorporate:

1) Headline

You may have written a whole bunch of content, but if you have a poorly crafted headline, you are losing out on valuable click-throughs. Well-crafted headlines in SEO copywriting attract consumers’ attention, prompting them to click and explore further. It is best to note that if you want your entire headline to be fully visible in Google’s results, keep it between 50 to 60 characters. Applications such as WordCounter can help you to keep track of the number of characters used.

2) Meta description

Meta descriptions help consumers and search engines know straightaway what the content is about. For SEO purposes, meta descriptions should be kept within 150 to 160 characters (including spaces). These are some additional considerations to take note of when writing a meta description:

  • Provide a short description of the content, including a call to action to attract consumers to click the link.
  • Include at least one target keyword.
  • Ensure your meta descriptions are not the same across every page of your website. Google can quickly flag out duplicated content.

3) Fresh content

Search engines are constantly vetting through for new and unique SEO content. If you want to create written content that ranks well in the search engines, targeting keywords is one way of doing so. That is not to say that you should start inputting as many keywords as possible in the content. Ideally, you would want to include your focus keywords in your headline, ensuring that it reads smoothly. It is also essential to conduct a content duplicacy check. Applications such as Copyscape helps cross-reference your written content with others on the internet, ensuring that there is no duplicate content.

4) Keywords

It is vital to do the necessary keywords research so that you are reaching the right audience. You do not want to use keywords with low search results. There are two fundamental classifications of keywords: commercial and informational. Informational keywords are usually searched by people who wish to know about something, such as “how-to” or “5-ways-to”. Commercial keywords show a deliberate purpose to purchase a service or product. Knowing your targeted audience and the purpose of your content will guide you to choose the best keywords that suit your business.

Similarly, the frequency in which the keywords appear in the content matters as well. Keyword density and frequency, while not as essential as before, are still important for creating SEO-optimised content. It is important to include keywords at least twice in your content but avoid excessive insertion.

5) Links

Links inform Google that your content is well connected with other helpful content that consumers can benefit from. The linked content could be previous content from the same site or additional content from another site. Linking out to external pages indicates to Google that you value what other creators create. Some guidelines for building links that we recommend are:

  • Linking to a relevant page within your website
  • Linking to in-depth content or guides
  • Linking with proper anchor text that flows naturally with the rest of the content

Final thoughts

it is vital to incorporate these factors alongside proper on-page and off-page optimisation. Most importantly, remember that SEO copywriting is continually evolving with time. At the end of the day, it is important to know who your target consumers are and produce the best content that offers solutions to their pain points and satisfies what they are looking for.

Nevertheless, we understand that it is hard to keep up with the ever-evolving strategies, and we are here to help. Impossible Marketing is among Singapore’s top Google SEO agencies. We have helped many clients across various industries achieve successful marketing campaigns with our effective SEO packages.

To learn more about our range of digital marketing services including lead generation and social media marketing ­­– drop us a call at +65-6208 8111 today!

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