The 5 ‘Cs’ of creating outstanding Facebook marketing posts

Updated on: 8 February 2016

A solid social media marketing strategy not only serves to increase exposure for your business but also ensures that you engage, interact and connect with your existing and prospective customers. Take Facebook as an example. We can state unequivocally that Facebook marketing is mandatory if you want to bolster your brands, visibility and exposure. However, in order to achieve this, you need to create outstanding Facebook page posts that click with your target audience. In this regard, let’s take a look at the 5 ‘Cs’ of creating outstanding Facebook posts.


While social media marketing may be daunting as regards the effort that one needs to put in, it shouldn’t be overwhelming in terms of the content. Your Facebook page posts should be short and to the point and if possible, they should be only 40 characters long. The largest social network Facebook has made an interesting observation. Posts that are 40 characters long have great engagement as compared to page posts that ramble on and on. Of course, this might seem like a tall order for many but it’s pretty simple. To achieve the max 40 character thresholds, make use of links!


Consistency is key if you are keen on scoring with Facebook marketing. Facebook pages that post at least once a day or in certain cases multiple times in a day are the most successful. The idea is not to post today and post again the following week as your audience will forget about you all together. However, you must ensure that the posts you update on Facebook page are relevant to your target audience and not simply garbage.


Looking to hit a jackpot with your Facebook page posts? Ensure that your posts are catchy and communicate what is relevant to your target audience. Creating catchy posts alone is not enough. You need to ensure that you also uploaded them in timely manner to improve the rate of conversions. Catchy posts are the kind that invokes a response from the target audience and lead to great conversions.

Clutter free

Of course, posts that are direct to the point accompanied with visually appealing pictures are great. However, that is not what we are trying to talk about here. When we say clutter-free, we refer to posts that can stand out from the rest in the Facebook news feed. To achieve this, you can schedule your posts to go up during non-peak hours. These are after work hours or during the weekends. You don’t need to be on your computer as Facebook has a feature where you can schedule for your posts to go up at a particular time even if you are not online at the time.


A great marketing campaign is pegged on the ability to connect with the audience in the right way. You need to actively engage with your customers, make follow-ups, respond to queries, feedback and even comments. Respond to direct messages and do so in a professional manner.

If you are seeking to increase or improve engagement as well as brand visibility, the above-mentioned tips could do wonders for your online marketing campaign.