January 2016 SEO certification graduate students

Updated on: 5 February 2016

Happy new year everyone and congrats to our latest batch of SEO graduate students.

January 2016 SEO certification graduate students batch 1

January 2016 SEO certification graduate students batch 2

Let’s take a look at some of their testimonials:

I find the class very engaging and the assistants are very helpful. Alan guided us step by step and I feel that it important for newbies like us. I recommend this course to most people.”
– Alex

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“After the two days course with a lot of hands-on, and help from Alan and his mentors, I manage to grab something and I am really excited to work on my website. Hopefully, I get to see results.”
– Royston

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“After attending the two days course, I find it truly essential. Anybody who wants to have a better online presence should attend Alan’s class. I’m really excited to get my website started and going. I hope to get my ranking all the way up to the first page.”
– Gilbert

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I find the class informative and I’m glad I joined this course. I will put in more effort into my website and hopefully I can get better ranking.”
– Alan

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For those who missed our preview, you can register your interests here: https://www.impossible.sg/seo-certification-course