The best way to increase SEO ranking by using internal links

Updated on: 8 January 2018

Every SEO consultant is always in the race to raise the website’s ranking. For most webmasters, the eyes are mainly trained on external links while giving less focus on internal links. Internal links help to take visitors deeper into the website pages, data, images, and other content.

Why internal links?

When a webmaster builds internal ranks, they operate in 2 main ways.

  • Helping search engines discover the website pages
  • They act as important signal to search engines for better ranking
  • Internal links assist distributing link juice from one page to another.

Here are 3 proven ways of raising website ranking via internal links.

Selecting the pages you want to benefit from boost in research ranking

Navigate to the Google Search Console and select the pages with poor. These are the pages gaining higher impression but only generating very few clicks. In one of the pages that we reviewed, the impressions were very many but only got very few clicks.

On the Google Search Console, follow the actual pages to establish the ones that should benefit from placing additional links. Make sure to use the in-text and site in the Google Search Console to replace domains that have specific site addresses and keywords.

  • Properly craft internal links from pages you want to boost
  • Utilize the correct anchor text: This text is a specific hyperlink that clients simply click to jump directly to another relevant page. Here, you must carefully select the keywords to ensure they match with what is on the target page (a keyword should never be forced on a hyperlink).
  • Always link the site pages equally: as opposed to linking content on the same page, it is advisable to guide clients to deeper pages on the website. This will ensure they discover other content, products, and services offered by the website.
  • Make sure bots can follow the site’s internal links

To have the ranking power (link juice) flow from one page to others, the search engine bots should be able to crawl all sections of the site. Here, you must observe all components of SEO best practices and test the pages regularly.

Link to pages with top-notch content

One rule of using internal links is that you should only redirect clients to a page with top-notch content. In the last few years, Google has demonstrated its willingness to go an extra mile to guarantee clients of better user experience. To raise your ranking, you must toe the line by generating high-quality content. This means that the content you are adding or linking pages to should be carefully researched and professionally done.

Do not overload the website’s internal links

If you use a lot of links on a website, they will eat up the crawl budget. This risks the bots dropping off before getting to the most important pages. The trick here is ensuring that the links are maintained at a reasonable number. Consider a maximum of 100 links for every page.