Top 5 reasons why you should engage in video marketing for your business

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Top 5 reasons why you should engage in video marketing for your business

Marketing is an important element of any business be it small scale or a multinational. Marketing creates awareness of a business’s products and services and as such plays a key role in its success. There are very few business entities which can survive without marketing efforts. Forms of marketing have evolved in the recent years.

The conventional methods of posters, flyers, and newspapers have now become obsolete and online marketing such as social media marketing and video marketing have taken over. Talking of video marketing, there is no denying that it’s now the most popular form of marketing. People spend millions of hours watching videos online and it would be foolhardy for a business entity to simply ignore this huge market. So why should you engage in video marketing for your business?

People globally spend millions of hours watching video content

What if I told you that 72 hours of video are actively posted on the YouTube site every single minute? Does it boggle your mind? Well that’s the naked truth. People spend millions of hours watching video content in any one given day and that is a market you cannot afford to ignore. What’s more, video marketing leads to greater conversions than any other form of marketing. That alone should have you engaging in video marketing for your business.

It increases your chances of being found on the top 2 search engines

Mind you, YouTube is owned by Google and is the second largest search engine after Google in terms of traffic. So why would you not want to take advantage of being ranked tops in the 2 largest search engines? Still not convinced? How about this? Approximately 4 billion of hours are consumed by people globally every single month. Does that seem like a market you can afford to ignore? Of course not! Statistics don’t lie and you should stop wasting valuable time, create a YouTube channel and start marketing your business.

Your competitors are already doing it or will be jumping into the bandwagon soon

Let’s face it. Achieving a competitive edge over your rivals requires you take a proactive approach. If any, it’s all about ensuring that customers choose your business over your rival’s. If your rivals are already engaging in video marketing, what is it you are waiting for? Think of a creative way you can engage with your customers through video marketing and get to it. After all, most people would rather watch videos than read through blocks of text!

Increase visibility and brand awareness

The whole purpose of marketing is to increase your business visibility and brand awareness. Videos are a great way to do this if the number of hours that people spend on YouTube is anything to go by. 64% of people are more likely to pay your site a visit and buy a product after watching a video online. This is a staggering number and one more reason as to why you should be scratching your head to get an idea of the video you are going to post and promote your business. End day, there is a chance that your video may go viral and get more views online.

Video market accords you an opportunity to connect with your audience

Interactions and engagements are great for any business entity. The fact that your business video has been able to generate conversations is an indication that you are on the right track so long as the connection or interaction is positive. It means people are talking about your business and this promises good tidings. So, stop asking whether you should engage in video marketing for your business and simply do it!