5 benefits of viral videos

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5 benefits of viral videos

Talk to any video marketer and they will tell you that the level of satisfaction in the work they do is determined by how well received and viral a video is. Of course, creating viral videos is not an art or a specialty that someone can brag about. No single individual can walk up to your business premises and promise you that the video they are about to create for you will go viral and reach every corner of the other. If someone tells you that, they are simply out of touch with reality or giving you false hopes. Viral videos enjoy immense success only because people find them interesting and therefore share them on every platform. It is also one of the most popular online marketing strategy in today’s digital world.

With that in mind, as a online business entrepreneur, it’s essential that you continue being actively involved in video marketing with the objective of them going viral. The benefits that come with creating a viral video are the reason why many business entities simply can’t stop creating videos until they hit the right cord in so far as viral is concerned. In that wavelength, let us look at some of the benefits of video marketing.


Creating a viral video does not require that you invest in state of the art video equipment or fly to exotic locations to shoot the video. Viral videos are cost effective. In fact, some of the viral videos on the internet were simply shot from a Smartphone and uploaded on YouTube. Shooting viral videos is cost effective as compared to videos shot for TV commercials or infomercials. With a less than $500 budget, you can shoot a video detailing what your brand is all about and enjoy the benefits that come with it when it goes viral.

Great for branding

A viral video is a compelling way through which you can get information about your brand, product and services you are selling in a dramatic and funny way. It’s what keeps people hooked to it. Viral videos tend to have an element that people like and which they can identify with. They not only pass across the information you need to but are also funny and keep your audience entertained.


One of the most profound benefits of viral videos is that they are freely transmitted by your audience hence ensuring that information you want to pass across reaches as many people as possible. Of course, this is good news for your business and could wondrously change its fortunes. People share viral videos on social media and talk about it endlessly hence working to the benefit of your business.

Made for a specific audience

If you look at many infomercials, they are not only generic but also seem oblivious of the audience they are trying to target. The same cannot be said of viral videos as they are always created with a specific audience in mind. Viral videos are specific, funny, factual and entertaining in every aspect. They are created with a specific audience in mind which if successful, hits the right cord for your business and could see you enjoy immense success.

Entertainment value

Ever seen a viral video that is not entertaining? Viral videos spread far and wide because of their entertainment value. They not only pass across information you seek to pass but also provide your audience with something to be excited about. It’s the excitement that a viral video generates that makes it viral in the first place.