Top 10 Lifestyle Influencers In Singapore You Must Know – 2024

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Top Lifestyle Influencers In Singapore You Must Know

Top 10 Lifestyle Influencers In Singapore You Must Know – 2024

Top 10 Lifestyle Influencers In Singapore You Must Know

Being a lifestyle influencer means more than just posting beautiful photos on social media. It involves curating a personal brand that resonates with followers and reflects an aspirational yet relatable lifestyle. These influencers are trendsetters who share their passions, daily routines, and personal journeys, offering their audiences a peek into their world. They wield significant influence, shaping consumer behaviour and preferences through their authentic and engaging content. They connect deeply with their followers, creating a loyal community that trusts their recommendations on fashion, travel, and everyday living.

Looking to stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in fashion, travel, and lifestyle? Meet the top ten lifestyle influencers in Singapore who are making waves and inspiring thousands every day. These influencers have mastered the art of social media marketing in Singapore, creating captivating content that resonates with their audiences and sets new trends across the island.

1. Diana Bakar (@dianabakar_)

Diana Bakar (@dianabakar_)

Diana Bakar is an influencer of many talents in Singapore, excelling in gaming, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle content. Her dynamic presence and engaging personality have garnered a significant following. Diana’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her flower shop, on Instagram, which adds a unique and personal touch to her brand. Her ability to seamlessly blend her passions for gaming and lifestyle with her business acumen makes her a standout in the influencer community. Diana’s relatable and inspiring content not only entertains but also motivates her audience, solidifying her position as one of Singapore’s top lifestyle influencers.

2. Amelyn Beverly (@amebeverly)

Amelyn Beverly (@amebeverly)

Amelyn Beverly is a prominent travel and lifestyle influencer in Singapore, known for her captivating content and stylish flair. Her online store, @dreamdustclub on Instagram, showcases a curated collection of bags, clips, keychains, jewellery, and more, reflecting her impeccable taste and eye for detail. Amelyn’s engaging travel adventures and chic lifestyle posts resonate with a wide audience, inspiring followers to explore new destinations and embrace stylish living. Her ability to combine her passion for travel with her entrepreneurial spirit makes her a standout figure in the influencer scene, earning her a well-deserved spot as one of Singapore’s top lifestyle influencers.

3. Carinne Solange (@thedisneyandfoodjunkies)

Carinne Solange (@thedisneyandfoodjunkies)

Ms Carinne Solange is a celebrated Disney and lifestyle blogger from Singapore, engaging audiences with her enchanting content and genuine passion. Her Instagram account and vibrant YouTube channel offer a delightful blend of Disney magic and lifestyle inspiration, appealing to a broad spectrum of followers. Through her Instagram account, @thedisneyandfoodjunkies, Carinne shares her love for all things Disney, along with delectable food adventures and lifestyle tips. Her unique niche, combined with her authentic storytelling and engaging visuals, makes her one of the top lifestyle influencers in Singapore, inspiring her audience to find joy and magic in everyday life.

4. Melissa Celestine Koh (@melissackoh)

Melissa Celestine Koh (@melissackoh)

Melissa Celestine Koh, a mother of three boys, embraces the beauty of life’s small moments with her inspiring content focused on healing, routines, inspiration, and styling. Through her platform, she encourages others to find joy in the every day and to cherish the seemingly insignificant details. Melissa’s dedication to nurturing positivity and fostering a sense of wonder makes her an influential figure in the lifestyle and parenting space.

Beyond her nurturing role, Melissa delves into photography and videography, showcasing her talent and creativity. As the driving force behind @m.incstudio (Makers Inc. Studio), Melissa offers a versatile space for photography, videography, events, and more, embodying her passion for creativity and community. With her uplifting spirit and multifaceted talents, Melissa Celestine Koh is an inspiration in the world of lifestyle influencers.

5. Nicole Chang Min 曾敏 (@nicolechangmin)

Nicole Chang Min 曾敏 (@nicolechangmin)

Nicole Chang Min brings a unique blend of creativity and quirkiness to the Singaporean influencer scene. Based in Singapore, Nicole’s online presence spans across various platforms, from her engaging YouTube channel to her entertaining TikTok account, where she goes by the handle @nicolechangmin.raw. Apart from her digital pursuits, Nicole proudly embraces her role as a “paw-mom” to her adorable companion, @mister_moonstone. Her eclectic mix of interests and vibrant online persona make her a captivating figure in Singapore’s lifestyle influencer landscape.

6. Roshni Mahtani

Roshni Mahtani

Roshni Mahtani, a prominent figure in Singapore’s influencer marketing industry, has left an indelible mark through her dedication to empowering Asian mothers. As the founder of Tickled Media, a female community platform, Roshni has provided a supportive space for countless mothers across the region, offering inspiration and assistance in navigating the challenges of motherhood. Her commitment to addressing the needs of Asian women and fostering a sense of community has earned her widespread recognition and admiration. Despite the dominance of multinational companies in the industry, Roshni’s continued success is a testament to her leadership and resilience. With her enduring influence and unwavering commitment to empowering others, Roshni Mahtani remains a standout figure in Singapore’s influencer landscape.

7. Jasmine Lee (@jasminelh)

Jasmine Lee (@jasminelh)

Jasmine Lee’s journey from an NUS graduate to a multifaceted influencer reflects her versatility and impact on Singapore’s lifestyle scene. Beyond her role as a mommy-to-be, Jasmine’s involvement in various Titan Media productions, including her portrayal of Jas in Class T1T5 sketches, showcases her acting talent and charisma. Her hosting roles in shows like “Ladies First” and podcast “Girl Code” further highlight her ability to engage audiences in meaningful discussions about dating and relationships. Known for her youthful appearance, trendy fashion sense, and impeccable makeup skills displayed on her Instagram, Jasmine engages followers with her chic lifestyle content. Despite her professional role as an associate consultant at a software company, Jasmine remains dedicated to content creation, solidifying her status as a top lifestyle influencer in Singapore.

8. Farkhanda Chaudhry (@andathesea_)

Farkhanda Chaudhry (@andathesea_)

Farkhanda Chaudhry, better known as Anda, stands out in Singapore’s influencer scene with her refreshing take on beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Specialising in acne skin beauty reviews, Farkhanda offers invaluable insights and recommendations to her followers, helping them navigate skincare challenges with confidence. Her candid approach extends to her personal life, as she humorously admits to “exploiting” her husband for content, adding a relatable and endearing touch to her online presence. Whether she’s sharing beauty tips, documenting her travels, or offering glimpses into her daily life, Anda captivates her audience with her authenticity and charm, making her a trusted and beloved figure in the beauty and lifestyle community.

9. Kaiting Cheng

Kaiting Cheng

Kaiting Cheng’s vibrant presence shines through her lifestyle, which encompasses beauty, parenting, and more. As a dedicated realtor in Singapore, she brings her passion for homes to the forefront, helping clients find their dream spaces. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kaiting is deeply involved in the worlds of lifestyle and beauty, sharing her insights and experiences with her engaged audience. As a parent, she offers valuable advice and relatable anecdotes, fostering a sense of community among fellow parents. Additionally, her love for volleyball is evident through her hashtag #KTplaysVB, showcasing her active lifestyle and commitment to staying fit. With her diverse interests and genuine enthusiasm, Kaiting Cheng emerges as a dynamic influencer, trusted advisor, and cherished member of the Singaporean community.

10.  Rayyan Afiq (@rayyanroulette)

Rayyan Afiq (@rayyanroulette)

Rayyan Afiq embodies the essence of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, enchanting audiences with his dynamic content and entrepreneurial spirit. With a TikTok following of 130k on @rayyanroulette, he showcases his creativity and flair to inspire and entertain. Rayyan’s influence extends beyond social media, as he co-founded AIKO Collective (@aiko.collective), an innovative Marketing Agency specialising in PR, marketing, and events. Through AIKO Collective, Rayyan fosters authentic connections, implements innovative strategies, and creates memorable experiences for clients and followers alike.

Additionally, his co-founding of @afterlife.aiko further demonstrates his commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. With his dedication to excellence and passion for creativity, Rayyan Afiq is a leading lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur in the Singaporean scene.


These top lifestyle influencers in Singapore are trendsetters, and then more – they’re making waves as Instagram influencers. Their influence extends far beyond mere style, offering a powerful platform to boost your brand’s visibility and engagement. By collaborating with these influencers, you can tap into their vast audiences and drive meaningful connections with potential customers. If you’re looking to boost your brand’s presence, consider partnering with a digital marketing company in Singapore. They can help you leverage these influencers to create impactful marketing campaigns. Start harnessing the power of influencer marketing today, and watch your business grow!

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