Top 9 Malay Influencers In Singapore You Should Follow – 2024

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Top Malay Influencers In Singapore

Top 9 Malay Influencers In Singapore You Should Follow – 2024

Top 9 Malay Influencers In Singapore You Should Follow – 2024

Influencers wield considerable influence, shaping trends, opinions, and consumer behaviours across various demographics. Within this diverse ecosystem, the Malay community is known for its rich cultural heritage and growing presence in the influencer sphere. These influencers aren’t just posting pretty pictures or funny videos – as trendsetters, they captivate audiences with their unique perspectives, authenticity, and engaging content. From fashion mavens to comedic wizards, the Malay influencers of Singapore embody diversity and dynamism. And behind every Instagram post, YouTube video, or TikTok clip lies a narrative of passion and perseverance.

Join us as we celebrate the faces behind the feeds that keep us scrolling – individuals who not only command attention but also drive meaningful engagement, fostering connections and sparking conversations that resonate far beyond the confines of the virtual space. From rising stars to seasoned veterans, each influencer brings a unique perspective and a distinct voice to the forefront. Whether you’re seeking style inspiration or simply a glimpse into Singaporean culture through a modern lens, get ready to hit that ‘follow’ button as we share the top nine Malay influencers in Singapore!

1. Norfasarie (@norfasarie)

Norfasarie (@norfasarie)

Meet Norfasarie Mohd Yahya, a Singaporean dynamo who’s not only a savvy entrepreneur but also a beloved online personality. With a whopping 171,000 followers (and counting!) on Instagram, she’s captured the hearts of many with her engaging content.

Formerly known for her acting, singing, and hosting prowess, Norfasarie has gracefully transitioned into the world of business ownership, with ventures like Moza Aesthetics Spa, Myla Moza, TuMeet, and Spa by Norfasserie under her belt. Married to Singaporean footballer Bhaihakki Khaizan, she’s a shining example of a successful career woman balancing family life and business endeavours seamlessly.

As a mother of four, Norfasarie exudes inspiration, proving that success knows no bounds when determination and passion fuel your journey. Her Instagram feed not only showcases the latest clothing trends and colours but also serves as a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication. Follow her for a daily dose of motivation and style inspiration!

2. Iman Fandi Ahmad (@imanfandi17)

Iman Fandi Ahmad (@imanfandi17)

Next on our list is Iman Fandi, a rising star who’s making waves in both the fashion and music worlds of Singapore. As the daughter of local Malay football legend Fandi Ahmad and former South African fashion model Wendy Jacobs, style seems to run in her veins.

From bold thigh-high boots to effortlessly cool athletic wear, Iman has a knack for turning any outfit into a fashion statement. Big-name brands like Adidas and TAG Heuer have taken notice, tapping her for various social media campaigns.

But Iman isn’t just about fashion – she’s also dipping her toes into the music scene. Her debut single, ‘Timeframe’, released through Universal Music, marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Recently, she’s delighted her fans with the release of her latest track, ‘Leave You on Read’, showcasing her versatility and creativity as an artist.

With her growing influence and diverse talents, Iman is definitely one to watch. Whether she’s strutting down the runway or hitting the high notes on stage, her followers are sure to be cheering her on every step of the way.

3. Fariz Jabba (@farizjabba)

Fariz Jabba (@farizjabba)

Fariz Jabba is a multi-talented Singaporean who’s been turning heads in the music industry with his catchy tunes and infectious energy. Rising to fame with his 2018 debut single ‘Ape Sia’, which quickly racked up over a million views on YouTube in just four months, Fariz has become a key figure in Singapore’s Hip Hop scene, helping it to flourish like never before.

Despite his skyrocketing success, Fariz remains down-to-earth and humble – it’s this genuine humility and drive to make a positive impact that endears him to his fans. As one of the top Malay influencers in Singapore, Fariz not only captivates audiences with his talent but also with his likeable personality. Whether he’s spitting bars on stage or spreading positive vibes on social media, Fariz is a force to be reckoned with, inspiring others to chase their dreams and make a difference in the world.

4. Taufik Batisah (@taufikbatisah)

Taufik Batisah (@taufikbatisah)

Let’s talk about Taufik Batisah, the multi-talented musician who’s not only a household name in Singapore but also a rising Malay (with both Indian and Buginese descent) influencer on Instagram. With a whopping 364,000 followers and growing, he’s not just making waves in the music scene – he’s also capturing hearts online. Previously included in our list of the ten best social media influencers in Singapore for 2024, Taufik’s reach and impact extend far beyond his music career, solidifying his status as a true influencer both on and off the stage.

Aside from his music career, Taufik wears many hats: he’s a devoted husband, a successful restaurant owner, and a trusted property advisor. It’s clear that he’s not just talented in one area; his versatility shines through in everything he does.

As arguably the best Malay influencer in Singapore, Taufik’s charm and influence make him a dream collaborator for any brand. Whether he’s belting out tunes on stage or sharing snippets of his daily life on Instagram, Taufik’s genuine personality and wide-ranging talents make him a true star in every sense of the word.

5. Zaki Hussain (@zakiv4)

Zaki Hussain (@zakiv4)

Zaki Hussain is a rising star in Singapore’s influencer scene – a digital storyteller, event host, filmmaker, and content creator all rolled into one. With over 133,000 followers on Instagram and a knack for creating funny and relatable content on TikTok and Instagram, he’s quickly becoming one to watch.

Known for seamlessly weaving brand narratives with his own distinctive voice, Zaki ensures authenticity and value in sponsored content, delighting both brands and followers alike. As an event host, he brings his dynamic persona to the stage, captivating and entertaining audiences, and leaving a lasting impression with memorable experiences.

But Zaki’s influence extends beyond just entertaining – he’s also recognised as an industry expert, often invited to panels to share deep insights into the ever-evolving content creation landscape. With his growing presence and diverse talents, he’s definitely a Malay influencer in Singapore to keep an eye on.

6. Lydia Izzati (@lydiaizzati)

Lydia Izzati (@lydiaizzati)

If you’re a fan of Mediacorp Suria, Singapore’s local television channel, chances are you’ve seen Lydia Izzati lighting up the screen in various dramas and films like Walimah 1 & 2, Projek Kasih, and Aduh Bibikku 2. But Lydia’s influence doesn’t stop at acting – among her 55,600 followers, she’s celebrated as a loving mother and wife, sharing glimpses of her family life on Instagram.

What makes Lydia stand out is her commitment to family-oriented content, showcasing her deep affection for her loved ones. In fact, even her daughter has carved out her own niche as a nano influencer with over 2,000 followers!

But Lydia’s influence extends beyond just family life – she’s also a trusted collaborator with brands like Nestlé and OCBC. Through her platform, she effortlessly promotes products and services tailored to families, making her a rising Malay influencer in Singapore to watch out for. In addition to her online presence, Lydia is also active in the real estate industry, providing valuable insights to her followers while continuing to share her heartwarming, family-centric content.

7. Nurul Suhaila (@nurulsuhaila)

Nurul Suhaila (@nurulsuhaila)

One could say that Nurul Suhaila is an athlete first and an influencer second, though she’s pretty impressive at both. While she’s known for her prowess in pencak silat, winning numerous gold medals in championships like the SEA Games, Asian Pencak Silat Championship, and World Pencak Silat Championships, she’s also making waves in the influencer scene.

Outside of training, Suhaila shines as a successful influencer and model, putting her own modern twist on being a silat athlete. With brand partnerships ranging from sporting goods giant Adidas to luxury labels like Pandora and Tissot, she’s proving that she’s not just a force to be reckoned with in the arena but also a top Malay influencer in Singapore, inspiring others with her dedication and style.

8. Nurul Aini (@aanurul)

Nurul Aini (@aanurul)

Nurul Aini is a beloved figure in Singapore’s entertainment scene. Since 2002, she’s been gracing our screens as a TV presenter and actress on Mediacorp Suria, showcasing her talent and versatility.

Beyond her TV career, Nurul Aini is also a savvy businesswoman. She co-owns Studiofrost, an online women’s clothing store, and Studio Cafe SG, a restaurant in Toa Payoh Lorong 6. When she’s not gracing the screen or managing her businesses, you can find her spending time at Studio Cafe SG or jet-setting to various shoot locations. As a top and well-loved Malay influencer in Singapore, Nurul Aini continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her talent, charm, and entrepreneurial spirit.

9. Sonia Asyira Arman (@soniaasyira)

Sonia Asyira Arman (@soniaasyira)

Sonia Asyira, formerly a preschool teacher, has been a familiar face in the influencer scene since her teenage days. With a genuine desire to share her love for the hijab and modest fashion, Sonia has been inspiring her followers on Instagram for the past nine years.

Transitioning from teaching to entrepreneurship, Sonia has embarked on a new journey in the business industry. Having worn the hijab since the tender age of five, she has explored various style phases but has recently developed a fondness for printed square shawls, reminiscent of her mother’s style. In December 2023, she took her passion a step further by launching Raiysa, a business specialising in selling shawls.

Sonia’s journey from teacher to entrepreneur is a reflection of her determination and entrepreneurial spirit. As an inspiring Malay influencer in Singapore, she continues to empower her followers with her fashion choices and entrepreneurial endeavours, encouraging them to embrace their identities and passions wholeheartedly.


From fashionistas to entrepreneurs, actors to athletes, these individuals are influencers, trendsetters, cultural ambassadors, and role models. As we’ve explored the top Malay influencers in Singapore, it’s clear that they play a significant role in shaping trends, sparking conversations, and fostering connections within their communities.

For brands looking to tap into this influential network, partnering with these top Malay influencers offers a unique opportunity to connect with engaged audiences authentically. Whether it’s through sponsored content, brand collaborations, or influencer events, these individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise in social media management and social media marketing. By leveraging their platforms and distinctive voices, brands can effectively reach and resonate with their target demographics, driving engagement, and building meaningful relationships with consumers. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with these influential personalities and be part of their journey as they continue to make waves in the world of social media!

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