Understanding Ad Rank for SEM (Pay Per Click)

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Understanding Ad Rank for SEM (Pay Per Click)

Many often manage their Google Adwords (Pay per click) account on their own having an understanding of the higher the bid for the keyword, the higher their ads would ranked. This is totally not true.

This video from Google shows how the paid advertising works and how Google rank the position of your advertisement.


YouTube video

Our SEM tips:

  1. Don’t put all links to homepage – Always link to the page where the relevant contents can be found.
  2. More descriptive page – Always describe what the page is about rather than using pictures or videos. Google can only rely on the title and caption to read pictures and videos therefore contents are limited.
  3. Always use the target keyword in your content. Example: If you own a fish store and your targeted keyword is “guppy”, the page you link your advertisement to must have the word “guppy” in it, rather than general word like “fish”.