4 things you must check when looking for a website security provider


When hackers or malware target your website, there is a great risk of losing customer information, removing website content, altering of your Internet marketing campaigns and even syphoning out cash. The phenomenon of cyber security threats has become so complex today because malware keeps changing over time while hackers get wiser day by day. Despite […]

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4 things that are limiting your website success


There are so many data available online and many website owners are finding it difficult to pick on relevant and highly relevant info. More experts and professionals have also emerged such that you can get advice on anything with just a click. Because of this, many people have indicated that their brand websites rarely deliver […]

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4 most important skills that every content & copywriting expert should have


The last ten years has seen a lot of changes in the content & copywriting Internet marketing specialty. While you only needed to be a decent writer a decade ago, the content marketing landscape has shifted a lot requiring content & copywriters to shift focus to what the clients want. Content marketing focuses on generating […]

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Our 1st seminar in our new training centre


Our 1st seminar in our new training room at International Plaza! Glad that it is full house again! Thank you for attending our Internet marketing talk last week and hope that everyone who attended love our new training centre. Most importantly, we hope you have learned something new from our event. For those who missed our previous […]

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TopSeos.com – SEO agency reviews base on paid advertorial?

TopSeos.com – SEO agency reviews base on paid advertorial

A customer recently asked why we are not listed in the top 10 listings for SEO agencies on TopSeos.com? We were surprised when this was brought up to us as we have never heard of this website before. We decided to pay a visit to this website. Claims from TopSEOs.com From the website, Topseos.com offer […]

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Invitation to speak at SGPFair 2016

Full house online marketing presentation at SGP Fair

Our principal trainer, Mr. Alan Koh, is honoured to be invited to speak at the SGPFair 2016 about the latest marketing and branding trends.   He shared useful information on getting your website to the #1 position on Google search results and how Internet marketing can help getting more customers for businesses online and also business branding. […]

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Our full house seminar in April (and yes, we need a bigger training room)

April full house online marketing seminar

Thank you once again for your continuous support of attending our online marketing seminar. As shared during our seminar, we are on a mission to provide free training to the public. We hope all our participants has benefited from our SEO and Pay Per Click sharing. Once again, thank you for making our seminar full house […]

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Internet Marketing (SEO) course review by JunWei


JunWei attended our Internet Marketing (SEO) few months ago. He wasn’t the most hardworking student. However, he understood what was taught in class and took action to apply the strategy. And now, his website is ranked #1 in Google search for a few keywords. “I have no knowledge about WordPress and he (alan) teach from […]

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The Importance of Analytics in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is incomplete in the absence of digital analytics. When digital marketers shy away from digging deeper to understand why the numbers are behaving the way they are; then there is a big problem. Numbers don’t lie. However, making such bold steps is easier said than done. The question still lingers –what is the […]

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Exploring a Career in Search Engine Marketing

If ever there was an interesting career path today, it would be in the line of Search Engine Marketing or SEM. Even with other technology based bubbles bursting, the SEM industry is perhaps at its hottest at the moment. The growth curve of the search engine industry today means the intricacies of a job in […]

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