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Google Webmaster Tools Messages

YouTube video


The video talks about the different kinds of messages sent using Google Webmaster tools as a means of improving transparency. It also talks about the specific percentages of messages sent within a time period.

The video highlights the following points:

1. A Brief Overview on the Messages Sent by Google Webmaster Tool

Every month, the Google Webmaster Tool tends to send out hundreds of thousands of messages. While this may sound as a substantial number, note that there are some of them that are closely related to spam. One major search engine, for example, which is named “Bleeko”, presents an estimate of one million spam page created on an hourly basis. Because the web is extremely large, it is no longer surprising if a great percentage of the messages that are being sent relate to spam. This often causes Google to spend a substantial amount of time figuring out spam. Because its tool automatically sends out messages in notifications once these are found, hundreds of thousands of notifications are continuously delivered monthly.

2. Different Categories of Spam

The Google Webmaster Tool’s guideline covers a variety of categories of spam. These actually include scraping, cloaking, paid links and a lot more. But if these are going to be summarised altogether, there are roughly around ten different messages being sent. This means that keyword stuffing, hidden texts and any other stuff that are linked to the messages being delivered through the web actually go in a single message being sent out.

3. Sample Statistics Showing the Different Messages Sent by Google within a Specific Time Period

In the video, some stats are being stated which covers the number of messages in different categories that are sent within the period of January to February. The stats actually show that around ninety percent of these messages come from black hat. About 4% of the messages also have contents that show little to zero added value. This results to their low ranking on search results. Around 3% of them are also linked to hacking. This is a big and harmful attack which a lot of people still do even if it’s illegal. The remaining 2% and 1% of the messages were linked to link buying and link selling, respectively.

4. What is Black Hat?

According to the video, black hat is clear-cut and pure spam. Anyone who is a technical expert will immediately realise that it is spam. Black hat is also defined as that specific stuff which is very obviously spam so you wish to prevent this traditional piece of junk from being shown in your web results as much as possible.