Understanding The Different Types Of Featured Snippets (Part 1)

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Understanding The Different Types Of Featured Snippets (Part 1)

Understanding The Different Types Of Featured Snippets (Part 1)

Understanding The Different Types Of Featured Snippets (Part 1)

Featured snippets are concise text snippets that frequently appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), offering quick solutions to related queries. Thanks to Google’s rollout of the blue highlight feature for featured snippets, specific text related to search queries in the featured snippet may be highlighted in blue. The content displayed in the featured snippet is typically automatically retrieved from top-ranked pages in Google’s index.

There are various types of featured snippets, such as lists, steps, tables, and definitions. However, one may question the benefits for the snippet’s owner, as users can access the content without clicking, potentially reducing lead generation. Despite this, it is important to note that while the featured snippet displays critical information regarding search queries, users still need to click into the webpage to gain a more in-depth understanding.

What types of featured snippets are there?

There are five fundamental types of featured snippets that appear on your SERP, depending on the intention behind your search query: videos, tables, bullet lists, numbered lists, and short paragraphs.

  • Videos: YouTube is one of the most popular search engines globally. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that brands and businesses are eager to feature in video featured snippets. These snippets commonly appear in response to “how-to” or tutorial-related queries.
  • Tables: This type of featured snippet enables users to visualise data more effectively for various types of comparisons. In fact, table featured snippets are frequently found on SERPs.
  • Bullet and numbered lists: List featured snippets appear on SERPs to identify several items, display steps of a process, or rank things. Depending on the type of information relevant to the search query, list featured snippets can appear in either bullet or numbered style.
  • Short paragraphs: Short paragraph snippets provide users with practical and concise definitions or information directly related to the search query.

Why are featured snippets important?

Featured snippets simplify users’ lives by providing concise answers to their search queries. The purpose of featured snippets is to offer quick solutions without the need to browse through multiple search results.

Moreover, as a marketer working for a digital marketing agency or a business, featured snippets are crucial for capturing the attention of your targeted users, thereby increasing the likelihood of them visiting your page. Here are some key benefits that featured snippets offer to your page:

  • Boosts click-through rate (CTR): The brief information displayed in the featured snippet allows users to quickly find what they are looking for, encouraging them to click on your featured link for more detailed information.
  • Increases brand credibility: Featured snippets serve as a clear sign that Google recognises the authority of your webpage on the related topic, which is a key element in demonstrating experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). As a result, users are more likely to trust your brand.
  • Helps capitalise on voice search: With over 40% of users conducting voice searches on mobile devices, leveraging featured snippets allows your brand to reach a wider audience.
  • Indicates well-organised, helpful, and practical content: If your page appears in featured snippets, it signifies that Google has evaluated your content and found it highly beneficial for searchers. 


In this modern day and age where the market is highly saturated, it is crucial to differentiate your business from the competition. Every small advantage you can gain helps you stay ahead. A featured snippet is one avenue that provides such an advantage. However, this article is just the beginning. In part two of the featured snippet series, we will explore in-depth the impact that featured snippets have on SEO and Google search.

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