Using Podcasts to market your products and services

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Using Podcasts to market your products and services

Using podcasts is the new thing in the market, and you better start using it to leverage conversion. The fact that you talk directly to the audience creates a greater sense of connection and conviction to follow and convert.

In many cases, marketers hold interviews with professionals, clients, and other important people who help clients to make decisions to buy a product. A new real estate marketer could host experts who anchor his content on topics such as entering the property market, market predictions, or investing during an economic slowdown. When you have carefully researched and presented podcasts, every client who listens will keep coming back for more. In this post, we evaluate the best strategies for using podcasts to market your products, services, or brand.

Why use the podcast?

Increasingly, more people are becoming very busy and you require a creative way to communicate to them. For example, think of the time that people take driving to and from work, operating machines, walking, jogging for fitness, and attending boring events. This is the time to communicate to them about your brand to build a lasting partnership.

How to use Podcasts to market your product

Include the podcasts on your home page and other platforms

Podcast, like other online marketing campaigns (video marketing and social media marketing), should be included on the home page. These make the podcast easy to access and listen. The target should be creating a podcast that matches well with your brand and answers the questions that most of the people in the target audience have. This means that your podcast should start with comprehensive research into various problems that affect the target audience and crafting the best solution.

Make sure to deliver top-notch quality and divide it in series

The best podcast should create a unique sense of connection and anticipation that can keep drawing people back for more. Every moment of the podcast should draw a lot of value so that listeners can keep anticipating getting the next section of the story. Think of a management podcast that details how to use an app for leveraging business growth. A listener will not just listen once, but will always come back to confirm that he/she is doing the right thing.

A podcast is similar to a teacher who not only works to nurture top minds but becomes part of them the entire life. Your listeners will become part of the larger community that will buy from you and refer others.

Ensure that the podcasts can play in diverse formats

Because you want the podcast to be easily accessible, it is important to ensure it can play in diverse formats. Because most of the people will listen on their smartphones, the podcast should be compatible with all mobile browsers. However, it should still be easy to play on desktops.


Using podcasts is a great way to reach all clients especially those who are very busy to browse content on your pages. Make sure the podcast is carefully recorded, captures all aspects of your product, and is interesting to the target group.