Website domain change

Updated on: 28 August 2013

YouTube video

This video talks about the ideal steps on how to move a website to a new domain. Several helpful tips were given out by Matt Cutts such as doing it carefully, one subdomain at a time, least traffic first, etc. Moreover, the importance of redirecting it meticulously was emphasised as well as the importance of keeping the old domain running for the time being.

The video highlights the following points:

  1. When transferring to a new domain, webmasters should never let their sites parked.  It does not necessarily need to be customised with javascript, CSS, or some kind of that stuff. A couple of paragraphs describing the page or declaring that it will be the new site for your abandoned domain.
  2. Google have classifiers that try to locate a parked domain and they investigate its transition to a normal domain. Not allowing it be one of the millions of parked pages will definitely be an advantage and it will be easier for Google to crawl and classify.
  3. The best way for web owners to transfer to another site is to do it gradually. For example, transfer a subdirectory or subdomain first instead of transferring the site in bunch. 301 redirect should be used if the transfer is permanent in nature which means that it will not go back to the old domain. However, for temporary transfers of domain, 302 redirect should be used in sending HTTP status code. This step is essential because it will help the webmasters determine if the new domain is good and if it will still rank that will determine whether the further move is still advisable.
  4. If transferring multiple sites to a single, consolidated new domain, 301 redirect the one with the least traffic to not risk the websites which bring the most traffic. Meanwhile, it is also better if you let the old site for about 90 days before shutting it down totally so that people will have the sufficient time to acknowledge the redirect.
  5. Keep in consideration first the largest sites which link to the old site and let them know that it is now redirected to a new site.

In order to achieve better rankings for online marketing, you should:

  1. Move to a new site in a gradual, more careful way testing each aspect first or whether the new domain still ranks. Following the simple steps will help the process smoothly and it will rank based on attributes.
  2. Be careful in moving to a new site especially with regards to the rankings. Do not move if the new site does not rank anymore.