WhiteHat vs BlackHat SEO

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WhiteHat vs BlackHat SEO

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO
White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves different techniques that can help us to achieve high rankings on the SERPs (search engine results pages) which can play a key role to bring a lot of organic (free) traffic to our website. It is what every website owner wants in order to be a success on the web. The more traffic you have on your site, the higher the worth of your business and obviously higher the chances of converting those leads into sales. Eventually, enjoying profits.

However, like the real world in the digital world there are certain people who cannot wait to see their success and this greed makes them choose shortcuts. But unlike the real world these shortcuts don’t really work for long-time on the web because the search engines as well as the users have become smart now and as soon such a site is spotted – it gets served with some bad news.

Anyways, let’s get to our main topic that is around the different Whitehat and Blackhat SEO techniques and what affects these two different strategies can have on your site. Let’s start with the WhiteHat techniques.

WhiteHat SEO

As the name suggests, WhiteHat SEO techniques are the “good guys” here wearing white hats. So, why are these techniques good as compared to the BlackHat SEO? Well, for one thing people who go for WhiteHat SEO strategy are patient and don’t really have any shortcuts but rather wait for the results to appear which can be 3-6 months. WhiteHat SEO means applying all those techniques which follow the guidelines of all the major search engines and putting in real efforts to get the desired results.

In general, WhiteHat SEO techniques involve writing original, fresh, interesting and keyword rich content, link building from relevant and decently ranked sites through article, guest and forum postings, blog commenting, keeping your site updated and providing accurate information. Moreover, not using any image, video or other media file without giving credit to the respective owner(s) or without their permission which also falls under Copyrights Infringement. So, what’s the reward of all this? High chances of getting high rankings on the SERPs and by being good in the books of search engines you’re not fined rather keep crawling up the ladder of rankings.

BlackHat SEO

You might have already guessed that BlackHat SEO techniques are the opposite of WhiteHat SEO techniques, the “bad guys” so to speak. These techniques are actually the shortcuts that might get your site in the high rankings but not for a long time because the websites are being watched by these Search Engines and their bots as well as algorithms are improving day by day.

Generally, BlackHat SEO techniques involve buying badly written content, spin it and use it multiple times, site is not user friendly and contains outdated info/content which can be quite inaccurate. Moreover, copying or plagiarism is extremely bad for a website. Link building is also done by buying links from different sites which are often not even related to the niche of the website (not good at all). So, how do you get punished for doing all this? Well, your website gets banned by the search engines and isn’t shown in the search results, not good after all.

So, this is pretty much the difference between WhiteHat and BlackHat SEO. You really want to apply the WhiteHat SEO techniques to be successful, don’t go for shortcuts.


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