Some effective ways for building backlinks

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Some effective ways for building backlinks

Updated on: 18 June 2013

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Having great content is seen as the best way to build links. There are many ways that you can build links and some of these ways are linked to content.


Controversy link building is choosing one product, company or person and posting negatively about them.  It is recommended that you not use this as your only link building method.  The problem with this method is that over time users will start paying less attention to what you are saying.

Participate in the community

This is one of the best ways to get organic links.  This participation will show the community that you have something of worth to offer.  The best way to display your content is through answering questions within the community.

Original research

Original research is linked with having great content.  You are more likely to get organic links if you show that you have looked into the subject further than your competitors.  An example of this is Danny Sullivan’s comparison of email service spam filters.  For a month Danny Sullivan compared the amount of spam received in each mail box.  The original research in content makes it more likely to stay in the mind of the reader.

Newsletters and social media

Having a newsletter will drive more traffic to your content and increase the rate of conversion.  Participating on Twitter and Facebook also increases your exposure and the likelihood of organic links. You will need to determine where your target audience spends their time and spend time there.

Content lists

This is considered one of the weaker ways of building links.  These are content lists that plot the top ten ways of doing anything. These lists can become tiresome if too many are written, but having a few is not a bad idea.

How to’s and tutorials

Having content which teaches people something they did not know will build links.  You may not get a large number of links, but you may not need large volumes.  If the content is relevant, people will find you even with minimal links.

Good site architecture

Ensure that your site can be crawled by the search engines and that your posts can be bookmarked.  Make it easy to link to your site and the individual pages.

With all the tips stated above, you can achieve better SEO ranking.