Google SEO update 2013

Updated on: 18 June 2013

YouTube video

This video tackles the subject on what people should expect on what Google SEO will be working on within the next few months.

At the start the speaker clarifies that in terms of what people will be working on, Google will make sure that it is still constant and uniform. Whatever will be people will be aiming for, for instance, making a site with high quality content; Google will align with such goal to make other people visit the site again and again.

The speaker wishes people to take the information he will be giving, with a grain of salt. This is in view of the fact that as with all things, plans and timing could change. Hence, what he might be sharing as of this moment as the probable goal of Google within the next few months, could alter or be replaced with another in the next month or so. That is why, they never talk much about their plans since it can shift in an instant, which might be taken negatively against them.

Anyway, the speaker highlights the following plans within the next few months:

  1. Penguin 2.0 – tagged internally as Penguin 2.0, Google is relatively close to the point of finishing the next generation of this web spam change. This is dedicated to try finding black hat web spam, targeting and addressing it. Penguin 2.0 is a little more comprehensive and is expected to go deeper and create a little more impact that its previous version.
  2. Advertorials– Google is looking into advertorials and that sort of which needs advertising as well as those things that violate their quality guidelines. If someone pays for coverage and advertisements, those ads should not do web back links. It is quite prevalent that some people takes money and do back links. Google is looking for ways to discover those things that violate their quality guidelines. They want things to work in such a way that if someone pays for coverage or an ads, they should be clear and conspicuous disclosure so that users will realize that it is not organic or advertorial. They should not fool people into paying for something they did not wish to buy or pay.
  3. Two different changes that will try to tackle queries from outside Google. Lately there have been major feedbacks from outside Google. In order to respond positively to these feedbacks, Google is on to something, which will help them track and monitor these queries. As of this moment however, they are not yet in the position to say anything more about the endeavour.
  4. Google is also looking for ways to go upstream to deny spammers. They are doubling their efforts to make the works of spammers less effective. They are actually creating a more completely different system that does more sophisticated analysis.
  5. Google is also continuing its efforts on hack sites. They are trying to better detect them and roll out more improved hack detection systems in the next few months. Moreover, they want to try to communicate better with webmasters and give them more information that have more concrete details.
  6. They are also looking into Panda. Google is trying to look for more signals and soften those sites that have more signals.

If you want to achieve better ranking, you just need to consider the following:

  1. No matter how much changes Google will adopt and implement, you don’t have to worry as long as you are constantly making high quality content.
  2. Ensure that your content will be something that will interest users. It should be something that they will go back to again and again for useful and highly informative data. (Eg: We always update Internet Marketing blog so that our readers always come back to get update.)
  3. Always remember that all the changes that Google is planning to undertake is in line with your goal. Hence, all the changes are geared to help you create much better quality content and achieve better ranking.