Exploring a Career in Search Engine Marketing

If ever there was an interesting career path today, it would be in the line of Search Engine Marketing or SEM. Even with other technology based bubbles bursting, the SEM industry is perhaps at its hottest at the moment. The growth curve of the search engine industry today means the intricacies of a job in […]

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How has SEO changed over the years?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of building websites that will rank top in search engine results. It is often accomplished by 2 main factors: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Web masters need to follow Google’s guideline on both of these factors in order to achieve top ranking. However, there are a few changes […]

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4 Entrepreneurs who rose to success by utilizing Internet Marketing


The Internet has nowadays become sort of like a field for a scavenger hunt nowadays with opportunities laying around for people from all walks of life and amongst them, are the modern day entrepreneurs. Although the numbers exceed hundreds, to name a few of the most prominent entrepreneurs who relished and capitalized on these fruits […]

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Gary’s website from nowhere to be found to page 1 of Google search


Gary, a mobile app developer attended our SEO training 4 months ago. Within 2 months, his website from nowhere to be found to page 2 of Google search. (See link here: http://www.impossible.sg/garys-website-from-no-where-to-be-found-to-page-2-of-google-in-1-5-months-time/) After another 2 months of applying our SEO strategy, his website is found of page 1 of Google. He is flooded with leads and […]

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Is there a difference between the “strong” and “b” tags in SEO?

Video Highlights Google Webmasters answer the following question: “In terms of Search Engine Optimization, what is the difference between using “strong” and “b” tag to emphasize certain words of text? Based on user perspective, both the “strong” and “b” tags have the similar effects which are words in bold. Which tag do you recommend we […]

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What should sites do with product pages that are no longer available?

This supplies answer to the question: “What should sites do with pages for products that are no longer available?” on e-Commerce sites. Matt Cutts mentioned several ways on how to deal with these circumstances in a brief and clear manner. Before moving on, lets understand the following: 404 or Not Found error message is a […]

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Is There A Version of Google that Excludes Backlinks as a Ranking Factor?

Quality Backlinks is an important ranking factor for SEO. Through backlinks, a blogger A for example, can write a post about home improvement methods, and blogger B reads about it and decide to share it in her blog. From this, a backlink is created and it helps to improve blogger A website search ranking. Some […]

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Myndy’s website huge jump in SERP rankings!

Myndy testimonial on 1st review

Myndy saw huge improvement in her website. Initially her website was nowhere to be found in Google. After applying the SEO strategy we taught, her website was found on page 9 of Google. On her 1st review (5 weeks later), her website is now found on page 4 of Google. Not bad for a complete […]

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SEO vs Social Media Marketing : The Battle Best Won Together


Running an online business nowadays is not as simple or easy as it was a decade ago due to tough competition. However, it has certainly become convenient to manage your business with different SEO tools, latest techniques and social media. But many people debate over the issue of whether Social Media is actual winner or […]

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How Should I Address A Small Duplicate Content Issue?

One of the major concerns of website owners are the issues related to duplicate content on websites. This really becomes a problem when duplicate content websites rank higher than the sites that offered the most original content first. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Search Spam team, took the time to address the question of: […]

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