Gary’s website from nowhere to be found to page 1 of Google search

Updated on: 10 April 2015
Photo of Gary taking testimonial

Gary, a mobile app developer attended our SEO training 4 months ago. Within 2 months, his website from nowhere to be found to page 2 of Google search. (See link here:

After another 2 months of applying our SEO strategy, his website is found of page 1 of Google. He is flooded with leads and has cut down on his company marketing cost.

Let’s take a look at his latest testimonial:

“My company’s website from nowhere to be found to page 2 within 2 months. I continue to apply the Impossible Marketing’s method and within another 2 months, it went from page 2 to page 1. Right now we are in the middle of page 1. I believe we will reach top 3 soon.

The good thing about being on page 1 is – we receive many leads. With the leads we are getting, we don’t have to worry about marketing cost and we cut down a lot of our marketing cost. I really recommend everybody to attend the course.”
– Gary, mobile app developer

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