Gary’s website from no where to be found to page 2 of Google in 1.5 months time.

Updated on: 15 January 2015

Gary, a mobile app developer is keen on Internet marketing to promote his services online. Knowing that SEO can get him free, targeted and unlimited leads, he attended out SEO training 1.5 months ago. From no where to be found, now his website is on page 2 of Google.

This is his testimonial to our principal trainer, Alan Koh:

“After attending Alan’s course, I started to build my website 1.5 months ago. Initially it was no where to be found, then I got to see the results on page 9. It takes about 1 month to climb to page 3 then slowly to page 2. Now I’m seeing the position slowly climbing. I believe if I continue to apply Alan’s SEO method, page 1 should be very soon. I am very glad that he taught me all this as its helping me and my website a lot!”
– Gary, mobile app developer

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Let’s recap Gary 1st testimonial to us:

“I like the course a lot….. His method is very good and very practical to SEO. I truly recommend everyone to join the class.”
– Gary, 1st testimonial

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Good job Gary, but page 2 is not good enough. Please continue to use our strategy and push for page 1 Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking!