Will Having a Site Available on IPv4 and IPv6 Cause Duplicate Content Issue?

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Will Having a Site Available on IPv4 and IPv6 Cause Duplicate Content Issue?

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The web is becoming more and more innovative with various high tech and new features being launched and introduced. IPv6 is one of the freshest technologies in the World Wide Web which users and webmasters are expecting to use in the near future. In line with switching from the current IPv4 to the newer IPv6, there are issues and speculations that it may also affect the content of your site or web page thus resulting to duplicate content.

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Google Webmasters cleared the air in terms of the issue on duplicate content connected to a significant switch from IPv4 to IPv6 through answering the following question:

“How will Google assess websites given the possibility of switching from IPv4 to IPv6? If one website based in IPv4 will be exactly the same as it is in IPv6, isn’t this a case of duplicate content?”

  • Google answers “No” to content duplication and duplicating content will not be the case if users will switch from IPv4 to IPv6.
  • Google Webmasters clarified that IPv4 is an IP address that is signified by 4 identifiers while IPv6 has six identifiers. This means that you are basically serving the same content in both IP address but this will not tag the users with duplicate content.
  • Spammers according to Google experts very rarely buy multiple domains on different countries. Thus, normally if there is a site in multiple domains, it is not an issue of spamming or duplicating contents.
  • There will also be very rare issues connected with having two domains and not getting higher page ranking as this will not directly affect your rank in the SERPs (SEO ranking).

In order to get higher internet marketing ranking, you should:

  • Not worry about content duplication just because you made a switch from IPv4 to IPv6. This only means you are switching from one IP address to another and the contents you have in your site or page will not be duplicated.
  • Focus more on unique and fresh new contents for your site and page rather than the impact of IP address switching to your site content. Google pointed out there are rare cases of spamming in multiple domains from different countries.
  • Go for innovations in the web such as IPv6 and let it not stop you from improving or enhancing your site through new and better technologies. Your upgrade with IP addresses will also not affect your site content or result to duplication.