3 Marketing Tips Dermatologists in Singapore Should Know

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3 Marketing Tips Dermatologists in Singapore Should Know

With today’s Internet-savvy consumers, Digital Marketing in Singapore has become essential to any local medical practice’s growth. Many are seeking professional beauty and skincare solutions online, including dermatological treatments and procedures. Thus local dermatology clinics and dermatologists would benefit significantly from building an online presence.

Read on for 3 tips that can help you build a successful marketing plan for your dermatology practice and maximise its effectiveness.

Build Your Website and Online Reputation

As people often enjoy the convenience of looking up information online, building an informative website is essential for your practice. Besides having your clinic’s contact details and services provided ranging from dermatology procedures to treatments, you should also include a biography for patients to learn about you and your practice.

Through proper marketing efforts, your reputation becomes an asset where your potential consumers will form their first impression of before delving deeper online to learn more about your practice. Optimise the use of social media as a platform where you can interact and increase engagement with the public. With regularly-updated posts and timely replies to comments, you can optimise your social media channels to build the reputation for your dermatology practice.

As customer reviews can be very influential, posting testimonials from past and current patients is a great way to show how reputable and trusted your practice is. Encourage patients to share their experiences and simplify their process through a follow-up email which links to your dermatology clinic’s Facebook page and website. Establishing credibility and reputation is not only essential to stay competitive but gain the trust of consumers.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online marketing strategies can provide faster and greater returns on your investment. SEO tactics can be employed for a dermatologist’s website to place it at the top of search engine results like Google and Yahoo. Ranking would be critical to marketing your business. When a potential patient looks up for dermatology practices online, your website would be one of the first few names that appear in the Internet search listings. With today’s immediate need for access to online information, investing in SEO enables you to target the local audience and ensures your practice will appear when people search for dermatologists in Singapore.

Blogging can also help with SEO while adding fresh content to your website. Besides sharing general dermatology procedures, skincare tips and promotions to keep your patients engaged, you can optimise the relevant keywords which Internet users are searching for and give a boost in website ranking.

Create Your Personal Branding Video

The power of video marketing is evident in creating brand awareness, boosting community engagement, communicating a brand story and generating leads. A prominent and eye-catching video embedded in a website, landing page, or social media will encourage more clicks and develop more interest. Besides including a Call-to-Action, it is a great way to grow your marketing metrics while educating and building trust, such as teaching consumers how to use your products or the latest skin treatment offered.

Just like SEO, video marketing can help with your website and dermatology clinic’s online presence. With online social media tools like YouTube and Facebook, there are built-in analytics to allow efficient monitoring of your video’s statistics and viewings. Because videos are more likely to be attention-grabbing, there is also a chance your video may go viral and obtain more views online.

These tips above will add value to any dermatologist in Singapore looking to improve their marketing tactics to increase business practice visibility and brand awareness online.