4 methods to grow your mailing list via Social Media

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4 methods to grow your mailing list via Social Media

A business mailing list is a great Digital Marketing tool because it helps to boost conversions 3 times more compared to direct marketing on social media. Because you are marketing a product or service to people who already know about it, the chances of getting conversions are higher. As brands use social media marketing to leverage conversations and build communities, a lever such as a mailing list will come in handy to drive sales. However, you must first start by growing the email list. This article is an account of 4 most effective strategies for creating email lists on social media.

Harvest the emails on Twitter

For businesses that are active on Twitter, harvesting emails will be relatively easy. First, get a Twitter ads account that comes with a full set card profile. This paid card is only applicable if you want to run paid promotions. Then, create a Lead Generation Card and adopt a lovely image for easier identification on your profile. Though many people will want to click the follow button, do ensure you give a reason for them to provide you with their email addresses. Add a short description with a highly persuasive list of advantages for joining the email list.

Call your followers to action on Facebook

On Facebook, you need to ask your followers to sign up on the mailing list using the call-to-action button. You can do this by pinning the signup button on the page and linking it to the brand landing page. All those who follow back will leave their emails for your mailing list. Note that the landing page should be carefully done to provide additional reasons for signing up so that followers can complete the process.
In some instances, some followers do not like being taken away from the main Facebook page to sign up. To harvest their emails, it is better to provide a signup form right on the Facebook page. You can achieve this by using the services of 3rd party mail service providers such as MailChimp.

Create webinars and invite followers

Social media webinars have become very common for harvesting high-quality emails. Carefully work on a webinar program with enthralling topics that interest a large crowd in your niche. You can also invite speakers on the webinar to provide diversity. Then, ask all interested people to register for the webinar using email addresses. Because only people in your niche who appreciate the topics will attend, the emails you harvest during webinars will be very useful in driving traffic and conversion.

Creatively ask followers to provide their emails on Snapchat

Snapchat, unlike other platforms, is unique because it gives a personal outlook and appears real. Following posts, connecting with sources, and commenting is easy and fun. In order to get people’s emails on Snapchat, it is important to start with the creation of top-notch content. Then, ask your followers to read and comment to enjoy interesting freebies. As they recover the freebies, ask them for their emails through a short opt-in form.