4 main reasons why your PPC campaign is failing

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4 main reasons why your PPC campaign is failing

No one sets a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign with an objective of failing. However, many are the times when they deliver sub-optimally or fail completely altogether. The main question is establishing why these campaigns fail? How can one improve on them to get better results? In this post, we dig deep into the reasons why your PPC programs might have failed.

Placing a lot of options on the landing page

The main reason for creating landing pages is to facilitate conversions. It is a funnel to help people who have clicked on your ads to take the next correct step such as downloading, signing up, joining the membership, or even ask for a quote. If you use one landing page for too many options, it is bound to fail. The best thing is limiting the landing page to only one or two actions if you anticipate good results. Giving visitors very many options causes confusion and makes them take no action.

Think of an e-commerce store with multiple products. If the marketing manager opts for a landing page that prompts visitors to download, make a purchase, join the membership, and comment, there is a likelihood of clients changing their minds. A client who wanted to download an item might change the mind and consider membership. This will not only make the evaluation of the marketing campaigns difficult but could also result in the company performing dismally.

Failing to check your PPC pages for a long time

If you do not check the PPC accounts regularly, the entire system is set on the path to failure. Often, brand managers assign the accounts to team members and, the worst can happen. The team member might have left and the account stays for 3, 4 or even more months without being touched. While some people say that budgetary constraint is a serious challenge, not checking the PPC accounts risks closing doors to mega results with potential for taking your business to the next level.

It is prudent to put in place a good system that can facilitate regular monitoring. Consider checking for appropriate apps that can notify you on a regular basis. Some apps will even compute comprehensive reports on a daily or weekly basis to help you take the right action immediately.

Omitting site links on your PPC

Some of the most crucial things for any PPC campaign are site links. The links have many advertising benefits. They are particularly critical because they help to send visitors to relevant pages on your site. Though clients often ask marketers not to include the site links, they are very important in capturing visitors who might not have clicked the ad. Remember that this happens as you continue funnelling visitors who are clicking the landing pages.

Focusing on a few or wrong metrics

What metrics do you use to test the success of the PPC campaign? Often, many people argue that the most important thing is quality scores. While it is no doubt crucial, you need to expand the metrics to other more useful considerations. You need to check for Click-Through Rates (CTR) and Return On Investment (ROI) among other metrics. Do not get fixated on one or just two metrics; look at the online marketing campaign from a wider perspective to get the right picture.