4 things to consider when you do marketing automation

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4 things to consider when you do marketing automation

The stiff competition in the market today has forced marketers to go an extra mile to keep their brands ahead of others. Even if you have a very good product, lack of a good marketing plan could compromise the business success. One of the top strategies for staying ahead of others is marketing automation.

Marketing automation is the use of special software to automate various marketing operations such as data integration, customer segmentation, and campaign management. By automating these processes that could otherwise have been done manually, it is possible to reduce errors by a huge margin.   

As you make the right step towards implementing marketing automation, here are the main things to consider.

The platform’s functionality and productivity

While the product’s functionality is no doubt an important requirement when buying any software, drawing a brand requirement for a platform can be a big challenge. Here, it is important to focus on all aspects of your brand with a clear target of where it is headed.

Experts in marketing automation recommend the use of non-functionality assessment to establish how various components are met by a specific vendor and software. By focusing on functionality, it is possible to achieve more with a platform compared to simply checking the technical features. It is particularly useful to pick the platform that provides ample time to try the new system.

Integration capabilities

To succeed in digital marketing strategies, you have to integrate with other important software and expand the functionality of various brand components. From plugins to new apps, marketing automation software should be easy to integrate and optimize its functionality. You should particularly consider the integration capability with Google Analytics, Yoast Tools, and assessment software. Remember that most of these integrations should be properly tested well before you can close the deal for a specific platform.

Customer support for the platform

Many marketing automation platforms are run by third-party providers who keep updating them for better utility. To get more from the platform, it should come with great support services. The support should be there to assist you to master every aspect of operation through demonstration, tutorials, and demo application.

The support should be available on multiple channels to help you resolve all issues that may arise when using the software. On a 24/7 basis, the support should be reachable via phone, chat, and emails. This will give you a guarantee that any technical issue will be resolved fast and professionally.

The value of the platform

While many people often focus on the actual cost of a marketing platform, it is advisable to think of the value it will bring to your organization/brand. Many platforms will help you run multiple marketing campaigns and advanced applications such as integration with email service providers. Other important benefits include raised revenue, channel agnosticism, workflow automation, and customer retention. Therefore, while the cost might appear high, it is crucial to weight the actual value that will be added to your brand.